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Brecken's deal worsens us, says Chancellor Philip Hammond


According to Britain's agreement with the BSEC, even if Britain is in the European Union, Britain will be even worse.

Philip Hammond confirmed in the "clean economic conditions" that the country lost any form of Breckets.

"Economy will be much smaller in the prospective partnership of the prime minister," he said.

His sincere acceptance was supported by the official government of the long-expected long-term economic impact analysis of the official Brussels version. He showed:

  • After 15 years of immigration, Beck's request for "Missile Trade" was sent to Miss Mayk's original buyer's offer, which would shovel 2.5 to 0.6 per cent of UK GDP.

  • Without a "bargain-free" deal, which would be closer to a planned deal, the deal would have been a hit from 2.1 to 3.9 cents.

  • In the case of the EU migration to a net zero, the highest rate was achieved, from 7.7 to 9.3 percent.

  • According to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, which has chosen most of the bracket, this figure will increase from 4.9 percent to 6.7 percent.

  • Membership in the European Economic Area that preserves the Norwegian free movement, Brescia is considered to be the most soft, can hurt the economy by 1.4 percent.

Brecksitis confirms that the plans for May are likely to result in growth and profitability. The Prime Minister is preparing for the final stage of his visit to Scotland.

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In a number of media interviews, the Chancellor announced on December 11 that if the government "lost" the vote, the "other ideas" could arise if the government had a clear idea that the option could make the option attractive as the EAEU membership.

Today, Brescia has asked for the resignation of Theresa Mays if she is deprived of her bosses, Chancell did not deny it.AFP/ Getty Images)

Mr. Miss asked if he was about to resign if he was lost, and Chancellor did not deny it. He said: "I think the prime minister plans to sit with the cabinet.

"He had to understand the situation in parliament. We do not know. It was necessary to consider the question of whether there will be voting in Parliament, whether there are other ideas.

When Mr. Mays returns to the future, Hammond said to the ellipse: "Nothing will be agreed until it's agreed, and nothing is known until it's known."

Mr. Hammond's comments were heard by supporters of the second referendum. "This Miss May deal has dropped tens of billions of pounds from our GDP," said Owen Smith, deputy of Labor.

However, the Brecket attacker has been blaming the evidence. Former Breck steward Steve Baker said: "It's a part of the government's reputation."

Mrs May, who spoke to fishing in Scotland, said his deal had been avoided by the EU's "Fishing Economic Policy", offering a "Forward Economic Partnership".

But during the morning media rounds, Mr. Hamson repeatedly used the term "best deal." It means that there are good options that have not been negotiated.

Analysis: a 13-day trip – the excursion of the British prime minister may be his farewell

"Everyone is planning – Barney's plan," says a Bresting doctor, with a humor that damaged Wolminster. The question of the immigrants and ministers is as follows: Two weeks ago, before voting on the death toll, is there a Theresa May rider on the planet?

He seems to have fooled many of his office. Some ministers do not know whether there is a Plan of Action, and the other five ask for support for Efth or Norway's EEA membership. Both business secretaries Greg Clark and the righteous judge David Gauke sincerely greeted Boris, the EU's brother Joe Johnson.

Ms. Torsy decided to sell the deal to the public in May in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. "This is one side," says one rebel. "The only electorate here is the 650 deputies." And how surprised they were to be "incredibly relaxed" by the party. The Conflicts of the Maastricht Revolt of 1993, when the Terminator had fallen into the wall through the panic of fiction, they left the fountain of fairy tales. One MP says that the bretagians were invited to "chat" in the tenth, but they are still there.

In addition, Labor MPs say that Mr Gavin Barwell, Chief Executive Officer of Miami Mission, was trying to conceal them, since he decided to pay more attention to the Jacob Reus-Mogg group. Even ministers fought to see that the Kipchaks were not going to win the parliamentary math. Many people think of how bad they are in defeat in order to avoid having to act again. For example, we could not get 25 votes in a short time. But 70 or more losses are permanent.

But there is a plan with fog and fools. From December 4th, agitation promotes the emergencies by putting the keywords at Communist Debate Daily. Some may have been interviewed in certain groups, for example, Michael Gove (showing up for this weekend in Marr), who are responsible for the brewing mood. If several rebels are able to rotate, braces may feel heat.

Before the 10th voting, it was decided to initiate the requirement that before the commencement of universal voting, amendments could be made to other versions of the Commission, including the second referendum and the Brethritus of Eftea. Downing Street has a simple message: only one deal guarantees Brexit in the table and reduces economic costs.

The main vote seems to have been put forward on December 12-11, the fate of the entire Government, creating a vacant day that they believe could be used for powered vote. At this stage, the market crisis may convince the Deputies that the transaction is second for stability. As a last resort, Mrs. May is calling a new pensions appointment that will allow the new prime minister to look for a new deal. Until 13 days before the most important decisions were made, the prime minister would be more likely to win, and his trip to the UK could be partially farewell.

Joe Murphy

He says that it is against the rest of the EU, which, of course, will become political lands occupying the economy. "The isolated countries are not successful," he said.

"There are many critics who have agreed with the Prime Minister, but nobody has done a good job," LB said.

The breach of any contract will reduce investment in the UK, leaving it "in the map". "They are not terrifying," he said.

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City leaders today sent a direct appeal to parliamentarians to stop the "no dealings", as they say, would be a major threat to the economy.

Steven Jones, chief executive officer of the UK Finance Department, says: "Banking and finance are an absolute priority.

"Despite the fact that Breck is prepared, there will be no disastrous consequences for Breckin's economy. Now the UK Parliament guarantees that this will not happen. "

The group, which represents more than 250 UK companies, has supported the proposals of Mike Breck, but worries that they will not pass through the Parliament.

Hu Evans, CEO of the British Insurers Association, said: "Parliament should do everything possible to get rid of the disaster without prior agreement in March.

"No transaction is bad for the country, it is not bad for the economy and it would be bad for our clients. It is very important to avoid it. Any future agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union should acknowledge that our world's leading insurance sector does not require regularity. "

Catherine McGuinness, London's Policy Director, said: "The recent progress made by Britain and the EU on the signing of the agreement is welcomed, but there is still a way to go through the finish line.

"Any disagreement with Breckens breaks financial stability by breaking down the two cities' services to cities and households. Provision of expenditure contracts that ensures the transitional period is crucial for allocating time for this complex process.

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