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Cigarette smoking diabetes increases the risk of heart disease Naija247news


Women with diarrhea, diabetes, or high blood pressure increase the risk of heart disease when they have the same risks as adults.

Researchers from the BMJ have suggested that women should be treated in the same way as men and should support smoking cessation.

Doctors should be aware of patients who are at risk.

Women are three times more likely than women with heart attack.

Research from Oxford University researchers revealed about 500,000 people aged 40-69 years registered in the UK's Biobank database.

For the first seven years, 5,081 people have been targeted for heart attacks, three of them women.

Although the risk of heart attack is lower than that of men of all ages, certain risk factors affect women.

Do you know the age of your heart?
The size of the tallest & # 39; large heart risk in women & # 39;
Women 's doctors are good for heart patients
Smokers can smoke more than three times more women than smokers, while men have a double risk of smoking.

High blood pressure was 83% higher than that of a man.

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes had a major impact on women with heart disease than men.

Researchers do not know why these factors are sexually explicit, and there is no salient conclusion about the cause, but they have some theories.

Can be caused by biological factors. For example, type 2 diabetes, usually due to poor diet and lifestyle factors, can have a different effect on women's heart.

In studies, women often do not understand the dangers of heart disease, and may be the end of poorer care and treatment.

According to researchers, men may be more likely to be attacked by the heart, but heart attacks are the largest killers in the UK.

Symptoms of heart attack
chest pain – a feeling of pressure, density or compression in the middle of your chest
pain in other parts of the body – it is felt that pain affects your chest (usually your left hand, but may affect both hands), the jaw, the neck, the back and the abdomen
experiencing or experiencing experiences
breathing deficiency
feeling or being ill
feeling of anxiety (like a panic)
coughing or pain
Though severe pain is often severe, some people are less likely to be infected. In some cases, especially in women, the elderly and people with diabetes, no breast pain can occur.

Source: NHS Choices

Edizabeth Milett, epidemiologist at the George Global Health Institute of Oxford University: "Heart disease also affects women, and this should be acknowledged.

"Women should know that they are in danger, but despite many campaigns, she is still in the radar of many women.

"It's a difficult, long-term thing that comes from a combination of biological and social factors," he said.

She said that with the elderly people in the future, women could start menopausal with the general heart attack.

And authors point out that high blood pressure and smoking patterns in women with diabetes should be "at the risk of many men".

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