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Does the Chinese billionaire use Jack May to build dystopic cities? | Alfie Bown | Feedback


He isIn the Hangzhou Gorge in the east of China, smart city events were demonstrated in Alibaba's Cloud Town, the Silicon Valley Work and Leisure Center, advanced research in artificial intelligence (AI) and one of China's largest technology companies. This is almost half of the ridiculous proportion of automation and infrastructure in southern China, an empty dystopia. While Alibaba exhibitions and conferences are casual, everything that happens is hidden.

Jack Ma, a long-time politically-motivated, billionaire founder and technologist, has recently become a member of the ruling Communist Party of China (CCP), the executive chairman of Alibaba. This is a long list of contacts between the corporate and government apparatus outside China. However, taking into account these facts, Cloud Town should pay attention to the projects that the company is working on, and calls for calls that call for fear of the future of the state dystrophy and corporate control.

Advanced Cloud Town technologies give long green light to AI pilot machines that use face detection to identify the intersecting traffic and meet passengers' needs.

The most remarkable feature of the car is its reputed representative who reads the media panel associated with his smartphone, sampling models, food selection, and even possible photos and comments, and then combines with millions of datasets to predict what the user can do and how to travel or eat with them. knows that he wants. In short, a new citizen makes a part of the decision-making process, even part of their choice, to Aliab. Our impulses are planned and planned. Triangulation between data, predictive technology and desire can be the only important relationship that leads us to the distant smart city.

Former Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt has been appointed head of the Pentagon committee to join Silicon Valley's intelligence services.

Former Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt has been appointed head of the Pentagon committee to join Silicon Valley's intelligence services. Photo: Christoph Morin / IP3 / Getty Images

This is not the one with Google Now, the themes that were created from Google Now in the year 2012. The aspect that has never been considered here is clear: Alibaba WeChat can use its sophisticated algorithms, such as the electronic payment system, to utilize Alipay's benefits over its use. Similarly, if Google questions your questions before asking you, it will move in the same way as never before. This assumption is not just foreseeable, but on the specific agenda – the initial stage of the progressive technological revolution in this case, which is corporate.

However, the crystal approach that is currently open to the CCA (and has long been an official member of the CPC) is a process that is closely linked to the interests of the corporate parties, not just the interests of the people.

Alibaba's rival Tencent is another major technology company that has close ties with the Beijing government. The peculiarity of its heat card determines how users are shaped by extreme groups – their extreme acceptance, which may be used by the authorities to prevent street protests. Nevertheless, Alibaba will help to organize the city's movement in the future and even the wishes of the city's inhabitants. Is it also a corporate state?

Here, western attention is drawn to China's extreme dystopic tendencies, which depends on our own democratic landscape. The process of describing China's high-tech authoritarian prospects is not the case. In fact, this is the most striking example of Revelation, which fights with the patterns we have seen, at least in the United States. According to Srechko Croatia, Google's former CEO Eric Schmidt has been appointed head of the Pentagon committee to join Silicon Valley intelligence services.

Finally, this is a little about communism, and about a new brand of capitalism based on corporate technology. If construction is not the most obvious and understandable, we will not be able to see how these technologies are reorganized.

Alfie Bown – Playstation Dreamworld, author of the game and politics philosophy

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