Friday , February 3 2023

Elon demanded that NASA SpaceX be safeguarded because the crops were smoked


Elon Musk recently joined Joe Rogan's podcast for some time by accepting to live together.

Though it's best to fight Puff with the Magic Dragon in California, people are asking if you are the top executive of two billionaires and two companies.

According to a report in Washington Post, dresses in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration are not content with the extracurricular activity of Mask.

During the John Rogan's experiment, Elliott Mask drags it through the spool

In the interview, NASA Human Intelligence Office spokesman William Gersandeier confirmed the agency's safety review of SpaceX and Boeing following the propagation of Maski. Only SpaceX is managed by Elon, both of which are NASA's contractors.

The study examines "safety culture" in each company and deals with employee time, leadership and management styles, as well as drug policies for both companies.

"If I see something wrong, that's a big issue for me – this is a culture of inadequacy and this is NASA's action," says NASA administrator Jim Byrds.

As an agency, we manage not only ourselves, but also our contractors. We need to show Americans that they will be safe when launching a cosmonaut rocket.

You are not allowed to join here (Image: Nasa)

SpaceX has responded: "Human space flight is the main mission of our company.

"SpaceX is nothing but a matter of great importance, and we pay close attention to the NASA's commitment to bringing the spacecraft and American astronauts safely and reliably into the International Space Station."

Boeing said, "It provides integrity, safety and quality of our products, people and their work environment." From the beginning of the human space flight as a reliable partner of NASA, we will have the same values ​​and will continue the success of our faith, openness and mission.

SpaceX – Contractor of Nasa (Image: Getty)

Interestingly, Elon Musa has kept silent about news, and next year there is no dispute about the introduction of the planned security issue.

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