Monday , August 15 2022

Facebook Messenger collected, listened, and transcribed the conversations


Facebook has paid for other contractors to collect and record audio recordings from voice chat users, Bloomberg's Sara Frier said on Tuesday.

In Facebook's interview to Bloomberg, people who have been challenged to transcribe voice chats will suffer.

According to Bloomberg, the company does not disclose the data usage policy that it collects from users for audio or transcription of such data to people.

According to Bloomberg, Facebook transcribes audio data and verifies the authenticity of audio data automated systems. The company has recently "ceased" the practice, the report said. Some contractors involved in data transcription reported that they consider themselves vulnerable, as Facebook does not warn users that they can not access audio data.

Facebook's representatives did not immediately respond to Business Insider's comments.

The report came when Facebook's privacy laws were severely tested. Last month, the company agreed to pay a $ 5 billion fine to verify whether the Federal Trade Commission has violated the terms of the previous agreement in handling user data.

Last week, Business Insider Hyp3r claimed that the marketing firm violated the social media platform Facebook's Instagram policy.

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