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Fortnite Week 7 Challenges Guide: Skid through blue rings, removes trees and more (June 6)


Recently, in the Fortnite world this was a great time. Halloween event, Fortnitemares, was the only event that brought players to an alternative world, very close and in a great moment. Upon completion of the event, Kevin disappeared in the cube, and a new mass of land appeared on the lake. It's a complete probability, but we expect the developer Epic Games to become a mystery for a new place in the coming weeks. There are, however, some difficulties.

At this point it should be of a second character, but here is a quick primer for newcomers: Every week there is a new set of Fortnite tests for players to finish. Thus, players find the Battle Stars, which raises the level of Battle Pass and opens cosmetic gifts. Some difficulties, however, are typical only to people who spend money on the battlefield.

The difficulties this week are very simple. On the empty side, seven boxes in one match, about 500 attackers will be forced into the head, and as part of a three-stage fight, it will damage the opponents in one match 300. After you do this, the next stage shows yourself and goes to the third step.

For those who have to pay for combat, you need another multi-stage challenge, which begins with the demolition of 50 trees. There is also a third multi-step invitation consisting of five almanacs. Other difficulties at this level include parachuting through 20 swimming rings and release three rivals in Pleasant Park.

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Fortnite Season 6, Week 7 Difficulties


  • Search 7 But Boxes In One Game (7) – 5 Battle Stars
  • It can be against opponents (500) – 5 battles
  • Stage 1: forced to work with opponents in one match (300) – 2 battles

Combat passage

  • Step 1: Removing trees (50) – 5 combat stars
  • The skid (20) with the variable rings – 5 stars of war
  • Stage 1: 5 apples (5) – 10 battles
  • Refusal of rivals in Pleasant Park (3) – 10 battles

Epic recently released Fortnite update v6.22 and introduced two new restricted modes. The first LTM is the team's terrorism, which opposes 32 teams against each other to eradicate the opposite side. However, the enemies of the Fortnitemares during the Battle of the Cuban monster will be bleeding.

The second LTM Blitz, which upgrades the formula of Battle Royale to cover the storm circle from the beginning of the match. In addition, it is often shorter than usual, so matches should last for about 15 minutes.

The patch also automatically enters a new heavyweight attacker. Updates also laid the foundation for the new NFL skins expected to be delayed this week. If you're still experiencing difficulties since last week, refer to our June 6 edition.

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