Thursday , August 11 2022

Found Atlantis? Experts estimate that the destroyed city of Spain may have been ruined


Plato's first work It is described in 330, and now it can be found in Atlantis.

A new documentary by Merlin Burroughs, an astronaut at the Harroqué, Land and Offshore Exploration, claims that experts have discovered the Atlantis destructions on the coast of Spain.

Researchers believe that using a satellite data satellite, the missing city may be found in Denmark's Dana National Park.

Bruce Blackburn, Chief Executive Officer of Marlene Burrow, speaking on the subject of "Living Science," says: "Obviously, it's very brave.

Experts claim that Atlantis's remains are found on the Spanish coast

"Everything [one of] two opinions. One said, "That's great. Let's look at it, and it's throwing garbage & # 39 ;.

Researchers have read two dialogues of Plato in Atlantis.

Mr. Blackburn wrote: "The Atlantis towns that Plato wrote in a very detailed way can all be seen."

The results will be published in a documentary called Atlantic.

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The Theory of Output

However, not all are convinced that this is Atlantis.

Professor Ken Ford, an anthropologist at the Central Connecticut State University, spoke of "Living Science": "If they are true, please forgive their hearts.

"But my problem is that as an archeologist I know I have to be in my bull detectors.

"These guys have done everything they can to send my bulls."

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