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Investors encourage airline companies to develop a strategy for Breckets


Investors put pressure on IAG, Ryanair and easyJet to explain that airlines are preparing their business for Breckside because they worry about their aircraft carriers.

Shareholders asked airline executives and members of the board to meet with the expiry date of the Breckside. British British investors may be forced to purchase their shares or lose the right to vote.

A major UK investor said: "We will see the light Jet in the near future and be more careful. It affects them all.

"They [the airlines] as well as plans for the situation. If they can not fly or land on the ground, they will be a big problem. "

One of the UK's largest investors, asset manager portfolio managers, focused on how airline companies deal with Brexit brokers.

"It's not a simple matter, and you can pay for your lower dollar, and the answer will be even more challenging," he said. "They are doing business, they are close to politicians. If we do not respond to them, this warning will raise the flag.

Because the European Commission plans to provide additional airlines to meet the EU acquisition requirements in accordance with Brussels's emergency response plans. According to existing regulations, airline companies have to prove that 50% of them belong to the EU and must be monitored to obtain work licenses.

Ryanair and easyJet plan to respond to this problem and plan to increase the voting rights of non-EU shareholders to a 51% threshold.

However, these steps are not good for shareholders because they are talking about issues that are paid to the role of arbitrator.

Paul Lee, a corporate governance expert, said that British investors would be "scary consequences" if Breckers lost the right to vote in the event of a deal. "If you have no voting rights, they are not a stock. They are guarantees, "he said.

Shortly before the scheduled scheduled for 29 March, the IAG will force investors to make a long-term commitment to give full assurances about how to resolve disputes without resorting to coercion. It can be a British company or the EU.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais said on Friday that the IAG will remain in Madrid in power.

Breck is particularly troublesome for IAG, as it is owned by British Airways, as well as EU airlines.

These may require the Brazilian American-British Aviation Agreement after Brecken- er, a Spanish-registered company owned by a majority of UK companies.

"For the purpose of transportation, [IAG] BA It should be said that one part of the British world and the other one have to talk about it [IAG’s other subsidiaries] Iberia, Vueling, and Aer Lingus are continually European, "says Andrew Lobbenberg, HSBC analyst. He predicts that such a result will be stable after Breck's demand for "dumping of disbelief."

Today, the IAG said there were "catastrophic plans" for Brekka, and Antonio Vázquez responded to Romero's question.

In other places, Norway is a subsidiary of the United Kingdom, which is a long-term carrier. It's like the Atlantic.

Sir Richard Branson holds 51 percent of the Virgin world, most of the UK. But he is selling a 31% stake in Air France-KLM, which could complicate the US access to the Virginia. The US Delta Airline has the remaining shares.

AF-KLM and Delta have agreed to keep Virginia as a major shareholder in the case of Breckine's deal.

Norway said, "Structural, in Norway, in Europe and in the UK, to protect our flight rights, including the absence of a Bracket agreement.

Norway uses its main airlines to continue to Europe and its flight to the UK if the UK-US agreement is reached.

In the case of IAG, there is no need for Breckin to disassemble shareholders who are not EU members, but may be deprived of BTA due to difficult US flights.

However, even though the IAG has hoped that it will gradually pass through a favorable deal, there is no guarantee that it will keep its corporate balance indefinitely.

Mr. Lobbenberg, HSBC Chief Executive Officer, said: "European airline companies have black and white requirements for EU citizens' control and possession."

An Extra Report by Alex Barker in Brussels

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