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Kim Kardashian joined Valent Malibu's massive evacuation, as firefighters in California, film history


Caitlin Jenner's Malibu home was abandoned in California fires and other prominent people, including Kim Kardashian, were forced to evacuate.

The quick fire extinguisher in southern California, HWO, broke down historic cinema concert by using Westworld and Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, and forced thousands of desolate flames to house and forced the entire evacuation of the famous enclave Malibu.

According to TMZ, Jenner's house was burnt down, but his publicist said he had not yet been confirmed. The gold medalist of the Olympic Games was evacuated safely.

The number of people killed in the fire has reached five people, but is afraid that the authorities may be higher.

Three firefighting fires on Friday climbed to parts of California and broke down their homes and forced thousands to flee. Colette Lucas is more.

Three firefighting fires on Friday climbed to parts of California and broke down their homes and forced thousands to flee. Colette Lucas is more.

Kim Kardashian West, Scott Bayo, Will Smith, Lady Gaga and Guillermo del Toro are among the many celebrities who have been forced to leave their homes, some of whom try to organize their horses in the near future.

Alicante Milano said her home was "dangerous", but later wrote that she was safe.

"Horses are safe at last. My children are safe. My house is full of dangers, but … it is safe with heartbeat. Thank you for all your questions, "he said.

The firefighter also broke down the house of Dr. Strang's director, Scott Derrickson. She said she was safe, despite losing her home.

Kim Kardashian and his three children were given an hour later to release Kalabasas's house, and later to his millions of followers shared his burnt husband, Canyon West.

38-year-old Los Angeles was forced to flee to San Quentin, northern California, after landing in Los Angeles after a landing in Los Angeles.

In order to send photos of sparkling flames spreading to Instagram in Los Angeles, the truth TV asked Mogul their followers "Pray for Kalabas."

Someone from North, Chicago and St., said, "It was only 1 hour to assemble and evict our home."

Then the star began to share the images of the first respondents.

He wrote one video: "Firefighters come. Thanks for doing us! «

Daileyan fires caused the evacuation of the entire city of Malibu.

On Thursday, a fire broke out in the north-west of Los Angeles on Thursday, climbing southward, jumped to the 101st US highway and landed on Santa Monica mountains.

The helicopter brush cuts water into the fuel.
Camera iconThe helicopter brush cuts water into the fuel.Picture: AP

Malibu has about 13,000 inhabitants and is 34 kilometers south of the coast.

The fire department in Los Angeles sent the fire to the ocean and wrote a message "threatening!"

Kim and Canyey, in the shady community of Hidden Hills, cost $ 20 million.

Cortney Kardashian was also forced to flee to the Kendal Jenner House in Beverly Hills, seeking photographs of his home in a car, and photographed suitcases on his car.

Kim and Courtenay Kalabasa live with their mother, Chris Jenner.

Chris Jenner's neighboring house was also evacuated, but when he was in New York, Kendall attacked Victoria's "Secret" fashion show.

In an official Twitter statement from Calabasas on Thursday, Woolsey's fire rose to zero percent, up to over 2,000 hectares. The fire department in Los Angeles ordered the evacuation from all parts of the 101 north of the road; Voluntary evacuations for the Kalabas districts from the south 101.

The fire department in Ventura District reported that 30,000 houses in Woolsey were flooded.

The nearby star area of ​​Kalabasas is 20 km from the city of Osaka. 12 people were killed in the nightclub.

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