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Leeds United 1 Reading 0 – Finally: Is Gianni Alioski and THAT dive, Bailey Peacock-Farrell's penalties and Lewis Baker?


Leeds United won a 1-0 win over Drama in the evening on Tuesday evening – but what was the main point on the way to Ellent? Phil Hay looks.

Did Alioski have a chance?

Leeds combined weightlifter Gianni Alioski ordered to "read".

Leeds combined weightlifter Gianni Alioski ordered to "read".

Here is Gjanni Alioski. Leeds United player did not do much more than just that, and only Pablo Hernandez had a good game. Figures say. But Alioski's energy and work – two of his exceptional qualities – in the naked eye – hide the lack of inventions in the wing.

It was felt Tuesday (7 breaks, 16 touches and very noisy loudness) coming to school. He did not score a goal against Leeds from Norwich City in August and has a record of his record since the second Sunday of June. Marcelo Billez evaluates his details and defenses, but before the international break, Ward Brom's Harvey Barnes contrast was a good example of the need for the United Fellowship.

Bielsa's problem is not that much of a decent replacement. Jack Harrison thinks Manchester City is so high, and Jack Clark feels the first team going to the soccer, but his attempt to strike on Tuesday night proved that he was right at Leeds. the other half. At the same time, the advantage of the attacking players played at Bels at the end of the match caused problems.

Alioski started all 19 games this season and spent 84 minutes on average. After the week-end work against the wall, his replacement for the "Presley" suggests a break.

Leeds United's goalkeeper Bailey Puchock-Fark is celebrating after training.

Leeds United's goalkeeper Bailey Puchock-Fark is celebrating after training.

Leeds United 1 Reading 0: Phil Hai's player rating in the Ellen's Drama Drama
Diving. Do not do this.

Many people had decided to buy a Brentford penalty in Ellen, in October, and Bailey Piok-Farrell would suddenly step down and swim in the water to meet him. Taking into account the criticism of Wotkin, Alioski is equally equally involved in enrolling in the study.

There were differences between the two events – Alioski was ordered to start, so his lack of communication was that he did not complain about sexuality – but he did not rarely appear in real time or in retrospectives and footballers. Alioski should be well aware of the display as himself.

Dress Jacket Farrell one month before January

Lewis United players are celebrating after the discovery of Stuart Dallas' s "Redding".

Lewis United players are celebrating after the discovery of Stuart Dallas' s "Redding".

Call it yin and yang. Bielsa said on Thursday that it was profitable for Peacock-Farrell to lose his credibility as his favorite goalkeeper. Peco-Farrell penalized his right hand and gloves for 90 minutes, saving Leeds's death.

Whether the 22-year-old is ready to be right or ready on the way to Ellen, it's not an alarm, it's a big mile for the Biella. Leeds plays seven more games before the transfer window opens and lets another player sign up and threatens to play 21 gambling gigs at United's head coach Will Huffer or Kamil Miazek.

Peacock-Farrell can save the penalty, Bielsa believes
Anyway, in January, he was in the midst of Peacock-Farrell, and he did not do anything good at doubting or doubting that Bielsa would have to rely on her. The penalty sanction on Tuesday was a step towards restoring the trust of Pioko-Farrell, and at the beginning of June, Leeds needed to keep her together.

Rare Earth Surveys Out of Kemer Rofe

The radar was on Tuesday. Stuart Dallas scored a single goal and did not know the creations of Liam Cooper and Calvin Phillips. A very bad thing was done to monetize the Cling Tournament in Bulard centers.

There was no reward for Kemer Rofe on the other side of the fire, but after his calf injury last month, he had a good look: nine goals, three were purposeful, and two were Ansci Yakakola. He scored the second goal in the 60th minute in Dallas. Rose spent all night studying.

Leeds United 1 Reading 0 – Phil Hye's Government: Peacock-Farrell Foes First Steps First Steps to Recapturing the First Number Jersey
Next to Lewis Baker?

Baker Lidis hopes that Telia Pullis will make a lot of effort for Bilsds' football than last year's MIddlesbrough football, but he has been out for 14 months for the first time, and half of it has passed without interruption. Bielsa later claimed that Bielsa and Alioski were also poor, but Baker sees this as correct and stands for it once again.

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