Sunday , August 14 2022

London has 800 billion dollars in London when London is preparing banks for Brooklyn


The London-based brachet will have assets worth $ 800 billion to compete with the Frankfurt financial center. To Euro (£ 700), as banks will move to a German business until the day of the bracket.

Frankfurt Main Finance lobbies confirmed that 30 banks and firms chose the city as a new EU headquarters.

Together with several banks, including JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, plans to expand their presence in many cities, including Dublin and Paris, including Dublin and Paris, the focus group believes the number of firms seeking to expand or expand Frankfurt offices is closer. Up to 37.

As a result, for a few months, London has invested $ 1 billion in German operations in companies.

According to Huberte Watt, CEO of Frankfurt am Main, "From London to Frankfurt, some $ 800 billion will have to be financed, most of them will be issued in the first quarter of 2019."

Banks, insurants and other financial services companies are fighting against anti-clock bans on licenses and continental workforce before the British exit from the European Union.

If there is no comprehensive trade agreement between the UK and the EU covering financial services, companies are no longer substituting lost passport rights to firms that allow customers to serve the whole block.

According to Breck's suggestion, until December 2020, banks were still in doubt as to the transitional period that enlarged cross-border accessibility, and the Parliament's approval was not yet available. This is for the firms to be prepared for the unconditional and transitional scenarios of the UK, except for the replacement of employees, assets and customers.

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"Banks only depend on the necessity of replacing what they need or preparing for a business transition," he said.

"In any case, the second round can have a significant impact," he added, adding that the further loss of unemployment and the movement of assets would be on the horizon.

Lloyds, Standard Chartered, Credit Suisse, Citigroup and Nomura Beckham, are among the banks that are planning to expand or expand new offices in Frankfurt.

The British bank last month predicted that Britain's City Minister John Glen will lose nearly 5,000 jobs in the UK on March 29.

Frankfurter Finans believes that up to 10,000 jobs can be moved to Frankfurt by 2022.

This month, Germany stepped one step to reducing its labor legislation, which was seen as a barrier to attracting large-scale jobs in the banking sector.

The changes were first proposed as part of the German post-election coalition agreement in March and facilitated firms to release high-profile bankers.

"Politicians have been listening, promising and promoting," says Vf. "It is clear that these banks want to move to Germany. This is a sign that you can see and appreciate. "

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