Wednesday , December 8 2021

M25 is the latest in traffic: Dartford Crossing with 12 miles queue, M20 crash UK News


For the passengers arriving in London on Thursday morning, the length of the queue is 12 miles.

Datrford Crossing or QE2 Bridge is one of the major traffic routes associated with London from Kent

As a result of the accident, he closed the carriageway of the M20, at the crossroads of three lanes in Kent.

The intersection of the crash is 2 at the intersection of Darrenshn and 3 knots for the Swanley interval.

Event bridges arise in the long run of traffic.

One lane closed when the traffic passed.

The ambulance car is on the way to the accident.

It takes about an hour and a half to travel on the English roads

According to Kent's police, the accident involved two cars and trucks for three cars.

Police officers reported an injury.

Traffic motion has started from 7.27, the M25 flow is slowly moving towards the Dartford Cross on the Kent.

The remains of the bridge from Dartford and the city of Essex still continue.

It took 1 minute 5 minutes to travel.

The UK's Highways network reconfirmed the reopening of all three bars on GMT at 7.50, but there was still a lag.

When the traffic accident broke out, the wagons hit the shoulder.

At 9 am GMT GMT, Australia in England: "All delays after this incident have now been cleared."

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