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Margaret Atwood writes Handmaid's fairy tales from modern America


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Elvisabeth Moss (left) stars in television adaptation of the atlas novel

Margaret Atwood continues the novel The Handmaid's Tale, inspired by modern-day state.

An important book on the survival of the US in 1985, in 2017, became a hit drama drama.

In the note, Atvud wrote: "Dear readers, all that you ask me about Gilead and his inner work is the inspiration of this book.

"In fact, almost all other inspirations are the world we live in."

The so-called "test" will be published on September 10, 2019.

The Canadian author has said that it is written by three female characters after 15 years after the original book, which has become a feminist classic.

He did not speak to President Trump, but in the press release, Handmaid's Tale said, "It's a symbol of the movement against it, against women's rights and protests and restoring women's rights around the world."

Note: The following are the original book bugs

The book of Gilead regiments is written as one of the many women who have been forced to become sexually exploited by their former physical and emotional rights.

The main part of the novel ended with the withdrawal of those who claimed to be members of the underground opposition.

Readers' readers hope to find out whether they are free or have been sentenced to imprisonment or punishment.

Becky Hardy, deputy editor-in-chief of Britain's publishing house Chatto & Windus, said: "As a society, we never need Margate Attivud.

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The Handmaid's fairy-tale series have been featured today

"The Handmaid's Tale At the End Of The Door The Door's Door Tells The Future's Future, It's One of the Most Expensive Words in the Literature. I do not want to know what happens next in Addis Ababa, and this is our time.

Attempt Offred – or any character of the original book – did not appear to be among the three subsequent reporters.

Many fans try to make them feel excited.

The Handmaid's Two Tale series were made for the TV, the second of which was beyond the original story of Atvud.

Huley, who made the show, may have been on the screen for the 10th of June, as the drama has said.

However, the continuation of the edition does not match the same story as the subsequent sections of the TV show.

The new book, the 79-year-old Shakespeare message, will be the first novel since its release in 2016.

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