Saturday , June 19 2021

NASA fills its new Mars Lander-BGR stream

NASA has sent several high-tech robots to the Red Planet, but we normally do not hear how things like registration and boarding go after the fact. This will change with the introduction of the InSight Lander, scheduled for November 26th, as the NCAA will allow the whole world to see the whole event.

No, the scouting Mars does not send back live videos that are disliked by the surface, but the space agency controls live comments and videos under the Jet Propulsion mission's mission, so scientists and engineers are in real-time.

In a new blog post, JPL plans to plan two live streams together. One of them is sent to NASA's public channel and includes comments from experts, explains what is happening and provides full updates. Secondly, NASA's "JPL's mission is to control uninterrupted nutrition," ie mission sound. That means no engineers and controllers who talk to anybody without talking to anyone.

JPL adds some additional colors for the mission's specific nature:

Launched on 5 May, InSight has noted that the first NASA Mars is driving a Curiosity car in March 2012. The InSight spacecraft InSight launches a two-year mission to explore deep space exploration. His data also helps scientists to understand the formation of all rocky worlds, including ourselves.

The InSight brand comes with two NASA spaceships, the first deep mission for CubeSats, called Mars Cube One (MarCO). If MarCO creates its planned Mars plan, it transmits data from InSight as it enters the atmosphere of the planet.

If everything is as planned, InSight scientists will now be able to provide data about Mars that they can only dream about. We find that the life of the planet should be spectacular, and try to see all the news and days after the launch of the spacecraft.

Picture source: NASA

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