Thursday , August 18 2022

New York seeks to ban non-cash retail outlets Business


According to the new legislation introduced on Wednesday from New York, unfavorable businesses aimed at protecting the poor will be eliminated.

Emerging companies in New York and in all cities across the country require a non-cash policy, accept paper currency, and pay customers debit or credit cards.

The trend has spread from the Hipster coffee shops to the widespread eagle and salad chains that say business owners are quick and easy to distribute.

However, Ritchie Torres, a city councilor who has enacted a law ban, has reduced people who can not access bank accounts and credit cards, who are much less profitable and colorful.

Such anxiety caused bans on Philadelphia and Washington.

Torres called the proposals "new frontiers" of the anti-discrimination law required to prevent "market defrauding" by entrepreneurs who do not want to receive cash.

"The cashless business model affects poor, homeless, non-affiliated, non-documental," he told the Guardian.

Studies have found that about 12 percent of New York has no bank accounts. Poor people may have trouble keeping the bill because credit cards require credit scores. Unauthorized immigrants do not open an account in many banks without a valid ID.

"If you live in a rich white boom, you have every reason to believe that you have a map. But there's more in New York, "Torres said.

But the head of the New York City Hospitality Association, Andrew Ridge, said he should be a "fair balance" that would not worsen business.

"Cashless restaurants have quick and safe working conditions, but they should not discriminate against those who do not have credit cards," he said.

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