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Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has some games that you would like to sell

Reggie Fils-Aime is in the hippie mode. It is the main unit located in the Manhattan hotel complex, a 38-story hotel full of Nintendo games and system trunks a week before the day of Black Fight for the President of Nintendo. "We are waiting for the next 45 days," she says, "we're happy with the fact that we have different gamers, and we have something for every American home."

Nintendo is different from many other gaming companies, and when I met Fils-Aime, I recalled that this gaming company not only for adolescents and adults, but also for the sale and entertainment of children and families. Nintendo is an entertainment company associated with the entertainment industry, with great Christmas deals and download of the game line in the last months of the year. So we meet. She has a mission to get the Nintendo newsletters in the list of wishes.

In the hotel suite, Fils-Aime plays the role of an American Nintendo vendor, which clears up the details of recently released Black Friday packages. Replace the 2DS of Mario 8 with Super Mario Maker. The latter describes it as "$ 40" but says that if it costs $ 40 then check it later costs $ 80. You will save at $ 40 – Components – 2DS ($ 80) and Super Mario Maker 3DS ($ 40).

Fils-Aime gives me such a powerful step that can be offered to Cy Young. The switch works well. People look like a new Pokemon and Smash. Super Mario Party She works very well in America, she controls part of Nintendo's sales, and has been with her daughter for college for several hours. Did they drink? I interviewed. "It's non-alcoholic," she says. "It was in the second half of the day."

He is proud of everything, upcoming games and upcoming games. According to him, more than half of American switches have copies The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8.

The new Super Mario Maker 3DS / 2DS is a good deal at $ 80, but Nintendo will justify itself when entering a 2DS network that plays 3DS games.

He is proud of Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, which he calls "our handy business" because he is proud of the possible fear of any Nintendo fans who want to turn to the Switch service. In the first three quarters of the year there was an increase compared to the year. " (The data show that software sales for 3DS have fallen worldwide this year, but this sales fell in America, Europe and Japan, where the system was hot.)

A good seller makes it independent, so Fils-Aime acknowledges that he has been learning about younger children during a short conversation with a man over the age of ten years. She believes the 3DS / 2DS is good for the consumer, for the five, six, and seven-year-olds. You are still missing. Soon you will get 2DS or 2DS XL … «

I have not forgotten how far I remember my Fils-Aime children. They are about two. "Do you sell them for four years?"

Although it has been unusual for a company that has been retaining 3DS hardware standards since 2011, Apple has been selling more powerful phones, although Apple has decided to hold the iPhone 4S sales variations.

"Yes, we …" Philos-Aime is breaking off, probably hoping to support her for a few years, sliding from her personal request.

"It's good for the customer," she said, returning to a strong step. "You want to give them more than 1000 games and some of the temporal classics of this industry to give them products that are against the infringement of small children."

Was sold.

When the president of Nintendo in America sells everything, the child needs to sell more. Not just new Pokemon Outside the game there is a new set of pokéball controllers, a game and a ball. Delivery may always be a problem, he acknowledges, but believes it is well planned. However, he tells me that the hardware package Smash Bros Ultimate, The largest Nintendo 2018 game, "sold effectively".

Classic classics NES Classic and SNES Classic are moving together for the first time, recognizing that it will be sold in 2016 and that this year Nintendo is returning to the market.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo's biggest gaming season

Nintendo has a lot of weaknesses and craftsmanship that has to sell the product through the Wii U. Ration, there is not much. I can change Nintendo's 2018 network vulnerability. his main theme is not entirely new, because there is a major shortcoming in my home. I know Nintendo Wii U has sold more than eight million Mario Kart 8 copies and then replaced it with a minimum of 11.7 million copies for Switch, Nintendo said. I know that the switch is in November Pokemon games, Let's go to Picaf / Let's go to Eve, no new or no Smash Ultimate..

"A technical game is making old games," he says. «Smash justified Smash Wii U … many things have been added to it. «

Fils-Aime negative noise generates a long line of letters, basically. And then: "Smash new Smash. «

"I was interested," he replied. – Have you seen this as a factor limiting how good these games are? They are not completely new games. You know what I mean."

"Why do not we always agree, Stephen?" He asks.

"That's fun," I say.

He smiles. Of course, he knows what I mean. Of course, he knows all the dealings Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this is her character and stage Smash It's a game before him, but of course there are tons of new material-heroes, stages, talk mode. I know it's not just a rugash, but at the same time it's not like all new games. I also know that it is not important from the point of sale. I'm convinced that this is all about it, but that's not a problem. No, this step:

"Let's go Smash Bros."he says. «Smash Bros. new Smash game. An extensive list of characters, new playable characters, that is, a new game. [The franchise director] Mr. Sakoura duplicates the characters before and after the launch of various characters. New experience. We have shown the experience of a single player. It's nothing more than the old ones. This is a new thing for you Smash players. «

Nintendo has big goals this year. The company strives to sell 20 million switches this current fiscal year from 1 April 2018 until 31 March 2019. Sales are prone to balloons near the weekend, but this can be tough. Until the end of March 2017, Nintendo sold about 18 million connectors. Switch for a year was new Zelda, new Splatton and repurchase Mario Kart at the end of summer and then new Super Mario autumn game. Switch was weak in two years. He was a wealthy player with such brilliant games as an industrial platformer Celeste or published by Nintendo Sushi striker entertainment and Labo cardboard collecting experience, but great Nintendo-branded games.

Pokemon: Let's go, Eevee Franchise has roots in the original Game Boy games

One investor gave open information about the relative weakness of the 2011 Nintendo CEO, Shintero Furukawa. "No major titles were issued in January-September this year," he said. The audience needs to be upgraded to Nintendo Switch ". Furukawa said that "software development requires time", which leads to potential shortcomings between major releases. According to him, Nintendo had to "fill out the gap" with the sale, downloadable content, and so on.

"This is our goal", the 20 million-year-old Fils-Aime system. "We need to achieve this goal in October, November and December," he said Mario Party, Promises of Black Friday deals and more, all the signs in North and South America, the sales area for Nintendo. "We do our best to achieve that goal." This is a "fair share": it is not responsible for all Nintendo and systems sold in Japan, Europe, Australia and other regions. North and South America are not his.

I show that it looks like it cools some of the switch. In the United States, the NPD team controls the sale of entertainment and equipment in September 2017, marking Switch as the best-selling console, but says that the PS4 started in 2018 and this system is in its possession Amazing Spider Man The game is a point.

Fils-Aime does not engage in my data because it has a good chance of sharing. "In the US, Nintendo Switch has been the most-sold system for the first 12 months," he said. "Unmute Wii, undo existing competing platforms, print out all the historical game consoles, the best-selling platform. Our goal is to continue this trend and get out of the holidays that can be proud of our results compared to the current Wii Compared to current competitive consoles. "

I ask a question about how much better this year will be in the first nine months of the year, and then a rare concession. "I would like to see an example, Smash Bros. at the beginning of the year? Certainly. It is difficult to launch at the beginning of December, "he said Smash. In December, Nintendo gained a lot more seats last year, but in the end was $ 1.5 million. Copies sold Xenoblade Chronicles 2. "It's a business problem," she says. "It's a problem with the point of view of the retailer." Nintendo may allow you to unlock previous orders, season passes and bonus fights.

"But that is what we are talking about," he continues, "when we look at our ability to grow, Fortnite system, our ability Diablo III in the system, WolfensteinIf you look at the strong third party support, when you look at strong public support, and I'm back in January, and our lifetime in the first 22 months, what about the US results of the Nintendo Switch? we are proud of.

I understand. I'll take it all. Nintendo has been moving for years. Fils-Aime can sell optimistic vision for Nintendo's second year, and comes with Switch and 3DS and 2DS. It's his job. Its sales are not bad, but no doubt, pride will be easier next year and the objects will be easier when new, all original. Pokemon for sale and Crossing the animals and maybe other mega games. I do not agree with it, I have to find something else.

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