Friday , June 9 2023

Noel Edmonds jungle debut matches Lloyds' legitimate actions Culture


Lloyds Banking Group Hold on the ITV … Save me, because Noel Edmonds brings the debt to the jungle camp.

It is expected that the appearance of the TV show will be in line with his lawyer's letter sent by the Edmonds against Lloyd too. He is expected to require about 60 million in 2006, due to the fall of his business, which is guilty of fraudulent transactions by jailed bankers and their subgroups.

ITV has confirmed that Deal and No Deal will take part in a new TV show on Sunday, which begins on Sunday. Edmonds are expected to be shot in the last minutes of Wednesday night show before Thursday's full debut.

Lloyd's spokesperson appealed to the Guardian before the Edmonds arrival, and suggested that he would use airtime to raise claims against the creditor. Former DJ manages its Web site and an Internet radio station against a high-level campaign against the bank, which includes more detailed reporting. He also took part in the annual meeting of the bank's shareholders and forbade Lloyd's black-horse television ads.

The bank has refused to comment on adding my name.

Edmond Lloyds, who bought the bank at the height of the financial crisis, decided to go to the bank because of a high-profile fraud in the HBOS training department because of his complaint by Unique Group.

Bankers HBOS Reading have since invested more than $ 245 million. £ has been deprived of credit jail, victims have sex with workers and celebrities.

Edmond said last week his lawyer was ready to write a letter to Lloyd, but his lawyer, Jonathan Cole, explained that he was delaying preparation for my popularity.

Coad said Thursday that Lloyds would send a letter to lawyers. The official complaint must be lodged on December 21st.

"We are still expecting Mr. Edom's legal claims. If it claims it will be a dispute, "the bank's statement said.

The initial damage was estimated at more than 30 pounds, but as Kool still estimates their total costs, they cost more than $ 60 million.

Lloyds has allocated £ 100 million to compensate for HBOS Reading victims and claims that he has made "good progress" to cover about 70 clients affected by fraud.

The Bank did not have access to Edmonds through mediation.

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