Thursday , August 18 2022

"Piz was similar to our shepherds" – Klopp looked red for Neymar antics Football


Jürgen Klopp has accused Paris Saint-Germain and Neymar, in particular, accusing Liverpool of being "slaughterers" because the team has been defeated for the first time in the Champions League group stage for the first time ever.

The manager of the Liverpool opened the way for the French champions to beat Juan Bernat and Neymar, and James Miller stopped in the first half.

Chief referee Szignan Marcicaque initially gave Angela Di Maria a clear corner after Sadio Mané's return to the referee's decision.

He also sets up two Liverpool players in comparison with the PSG. Marco Verritti, home midfielder, was hit hard by Joe Gomez, who was easily dismissed.

Klopp has made continuous breaks in order to order Liverpool and injury to PSG players. PSG manager Thomas Tukeel said that Klopp's allegations had been a tactic of sabotage rather than a possible defeat.

Clopp: "The Clopp is now my main theme," Clopp said. "We have won the Fair Play Award twice in England, and today we look like a gun after a yellow card. PSG, especially Neymar, was very clever, but many other players have dropped off as something really important.

"We have shown aggressiveness, unfortunately, there is no negative aggression in football, we are very sorry and angry. But we have to fight with it, it's our job. If reflection allows this situation, we have to fight it. "

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Clopp: "There are many things you can do. You can give everyone a yellow card. If you come down, you'll die and you'll be on the yellow card anyway. This is not sportive behavior. In the end, he is overwhelmed and all fall. I do not want to say that Paris deserves it, I do not expect the referendum, and I expect it to calm down everything. It can not be true, but often this evening.

"The crowd has risen, it is very difficult, we have not been calm. Even Joe Gomez took a yellow card. He was the most beautiful child on the planet, and he approached the red. But we lost two points, we won one and we played well. "

Clopp turned against Gareth in Verrathica. "I got a good look at it, and it's the same as 500 other yellow cards," he said. "Punishment – I do not understand why it's the last one. It was even unpleasant for him. But it is over.

When Liverpool scored two goals for Napoli 1: 0 or a knockout on December 11, Klopp admitted, "We need Anilyl again and we need to create a special atmosphere."

Tukele believed that Clopp was concerned about Liverpool's dictaphone. "I do not think such a big issue," he said. "We have suffered many fouls. If you are 1-0 down, you will not have to make many folks. If you are down 1-0, do not follow 10 foils in the next 10 minutes. I did not.

"When I lose a big game, I talk about other things to pay attention to my curiosity. I've heard Jürgen's opinion, and that's good. I'm talking about the game.

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