Tuesday , August 16 2022

PSV Eindhoven 1-2 Barcelona: La Liga Champions League Attack


Pike has scored the second goal Messi missed Barcelona

Barcelona has guaranteed the Champions League knockout.

The Spanish side was the last 16 candidates, but with the strike of Lionel Messi and the clever second round of Gerard Piqué.

Following his departure with a large group of Argentineans, Pike hit the lower corner, which resembled the planned departure from Messi's spill.

Luke De Jong apologized for the PSV, which missed many opportunities.

After the game, Pike said that he was "an experience" to achieve his goal, but later said that Messi had any element of the moment he denied the defender's claim.

"It's not a training exercise," Messi said. "This is a lie.

"It was a great hit, Pike was there and the goal was successful."

The Dutch team scored four goals in the Barsa gate and reached the grid and repeatedly featured five European champions in the back.

The result for Barcelona ended in a draw and Dennis Dorf's player Clement Lenglet was struck by a terrible attack.

Barcelona have scored six points for Tottenham,

The last matches of the group stage are at the PSV at the bottom of the Inter-host on Tuesday, December 11, at Mauricio Pochettino's home.

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