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Ryanair Passenger Threatens Heart Attack During Three Post-Stress Boosters


The family said that three times a day the heart attack was made after the grandmother made a request to leave Ryanair.

81-year-old Kathleen Danny was "dead" for four minutes after Liverpool suffered from a medical emergency after flew to Malta.

He says his family is flying to the UK and is afraid that it may hinder his stressful health, reports Liverpool Echo.

Ms. Dann said 53-year-old Gary, who was unable to defeat a wheelchair, told her how to "spoil her" after an airplane.

53-year-old Gary Dunn needs a wheelchair

His family did not offer an accident on the aircraft, but asked whether they were stressful because of their return.

Mrs. Dunn survived, but on October 4, her heart stopped, her brain was damaged – left her "clinically dead" for four minutes.

49-year-old David Dunn, a teenage boy, says: "When the doctors ask him to come back, he's in pain.

"We have always said that he never spoke in his life, he always said what to do.

"But then Gary very much noted the flight.

"When I left Manchester, I was talking to him and he was never ashamed of his life."

Ryanair says it provides an accessible wheelchair service

Gary Dunn, a pensioner from Mercyshaw, from Wallacea, has a great deal of mobility problems and is deaf because of the kidney disease.

They were supposed to go from Liverpool's John Lennon airport to Malta on August 28, but after headquarters could not lift the employee's wheelchair, Ms. Dunn asked him to fly.

After the incident, he said, "I told you that you would fly or leave the plane, and I told her that she could not walk slowly, and she took me and looked at me."

Airport staff eventually learned how to fold the wheelchair and returned to the next flight. This time from Manchester Airport.

But for his horror, Ms. Danny asked again to take off the aircraft because the staff tried to fold the chair.

Even worse, the pilot "killed a woman with a wheelchair," after announcing a delay.

He says: "It was scary, I shook, it was hard for me to explain what happened to Gary because she did not hear.

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According to the pilot, regret over intercom delay is not our problem; it is a matter of disability lady.

"People say that they do not believe it. I still am sorry about that. "

Finally, a wheelchair was planted, and the couple were allowed to take that flight, but Mrs Dann's flight home approached her and asked her friend to change it, says the family.

Alan Dann, an ancient child of his age, said: "Fourth, I got the text from Gary, and my mum was not good.

"What does it mean? She did not reply, and when I called, a woman answered, she did KPR, and we were always grateful to her.

The woman was a friend of Andrea's family and was in the vicinity.

Alan says: "We heard Gary shouting in the background, she was very emotional and told me she should leave immediately."

According to Andrea's mother, her mother's heart was a heart attack.

His mother and son were originally from Liverpool

He adds: "He is an angel, as he is concerned about us, he said that my mother left home when he was back in, but he could bring it back until he received paramedics.

"They took him up the stairs and fell back again, so he had to work on the foyer.

"I think he fell in the hospital again, it lasted four minutes, which caused the biggest problem, because oxygen did not go to the brain."

Alan and his brothers, David, John and Karen, were injured in Malta.

Ms. Dann has returned to the UK after an air strike and is currently undergoing treatment at Arrowe Park Hospital, where Alan says he is "fantastic".

When Alan leaves the hospital, he is afraid that his mother may need twenty-four hours of caring, but he says he is conscious and energetic.

He says: "Improving good is now important."

According to Ryanayr, foreign companies offer "airlines for big airlines" to companies working for wheelchairs at two airports.

A representative of OmniServ, who provided special help at the Liverpool airport, apologized to Mrs. Dunn and her family at the scene.

OmniServ said: "Each team member worked with Hann Dunn to determine if a wheelchair can be overcome to meet the requirements."

The OCS, which serves Manchester airport, is close to comment.

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