Wednesday , October 5 2022

Sales of the owner of the zizzi but growing costs


Italian Zizzi and Italian caterer chain owner reported on Monday an increase in annual sales, despite controversy over the industry, but the margins are tightened.

From July 1 to July 1, the total sales of Azzurri Group owned by Coco di Mama and Radio Alice and owned by Bridgepoint Capital increased by 8.5 percent compared to the previous year and amounted to $ 279.8 million . such as growth in all brands.

However, profit before tax, depreciation and advances (ebitda) fell to 13.2 percent, from 14.5 percent in the previous year and 15 percent in 2016. Azzuri's labor costs, business prices and food inflation in the "reduction of industrial costs reduction" were compressed margins, but the group "continued to exceed the market".

On a regulated basis, the ebitda period was 37 million pounds sterling compared to the previous year. The Group did not provide legal indicators.

This year, many people quickly expanded to deal with debt and saturated markets, seeing Bailon's failures and restructuring in the chain of casualties, including Hamburgers and Jamie's Italian. Growth of imports and labor costs after the growth of national food prices has increased costs.

Earlier this month, Italian topical and private capital, Prezzo, said it had become more complicated after over 100 restaurants were closed. "This is not about expanding now. It's about building up something we've done and building a similar growth, "said Karen Jones, executive director, not showing any real trading performance.

Despite participating in the competition, Azzurri has opened 15 Zizzi restaurants, with three requests and four Coco di Mamas – totaling 290 locations and restarts 33 sites. According to the group, it is expected to be the "main player" for the Alice radio.

According to the changing trends, the group reported that the income from the delivery of goods has grown steadily and has been "a great opportunity", and the vegetarian offer has risen to 8 percent of the total sales.

In order to help reduce the risks and costs of the Brescia, Azzurri's sources say that in the UK, for example, the mozzarella is a long-term policy long before the UK wants to block it.

"Azzurri has given a good impetus to the new financial year. We are confident that despite the difficult situation in the UK market, we will continue to develop our brands, "said Chief Executive Officer Steve Holmes.

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