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Scientists can quickly translate the balsam after discovering the cause of hair growth in later life


For the loss of smoking due to age, treatment can be on the pipeline, scientists have said that they are behind a new medical breakthrough.

Researchers have discovered that the wounded skin should be scattered and gradually restored.

Scientists from the New York School of Medicine have activated the so-called brain hedgehog.

This path is very active, while babies are in the womb, hair follicles are formed, but it stops in the skin of the old or wounded.

Researchers have discovered that the wounded skin should successfully repair hair and restore its process gradually

Researchers have discovered that the wounded skin should successfully repair hair and restore its process gradually

Researchers have discovered that the wounded skin should successfully repair hair and restore its process gradually

When pictures turn into a quarter of men, they begin at age 25, and Prince William is 22 years old thinner.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40 percent of women may lose hair up to 40 years.

The study concentrates on the affected skin cells in laboratory mice and focuses on cells called collagen absorbing fibroblasts.

Collagen is the most responsible for preserving the shape and strength of skin and hair.

Researchers are also concentrated on fibroblasts, as it is known that cells help control some of the biological processes involved.

The team led by Dr. Мейуми Ито has activated the last bell signal that cells use to communicate with each other.

Hair loss through contact between these cells was observed in mice during four weeks.

According to a report published in Natural Communication magazine, nine weeks later, the structure of the roots and shaft of the hair appeared.

Scientists still have a wound and collagen appearance in the skin that is damaged by their inability to regenerate their hair. But these arguments give rise to a new light.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Hair loss is rarely found, and about 25 percent of men are 25 when they are 25, reports The American Hair Loss Association.

Eight million women in the UK now reduce hair loss rates, according to 2000 women's cosmetic giant L & 39;

The most common type of hair may be associated with a change in the life of the home, such as luggage or luggage, which can lead to general hair loss.

Yo-yo diet, contraceptive tablets, stress, nutritional disorders, chemicals in water and chemicals, as well as modern pesticides in food are also associated with hair loss.

In most of them hair loss is temporary and can help.

Doctors say that if the nutritional level is low, it is transmitted by the hair. Scalp hair follicles should be surrounded by rich blood to ensure sufficient nutrition.

Dermatologists believe that the diet that they are interested in usually causes iron deficiency to prevent redness. In vitamin B12 and in the zinc, vegetarians or vegetarians may be prone to hair loss.

Studies have shown that thin hair is progestogen – a synthetic form of progesterone found in replacement therapy with pills and hormones.

Dr. Ito says, "Now we know that cells are very active when they are older, but less than in perfect skin cells.

"Our results indicate that fibroblasts stimulate endotracheal, which can lead to hair growth that has not been previously healed".

Restoration of hair in damaged skins is not a necessity in medicine, says D. Ito, thousands of people suffered from injuries, burns and other injuries.

This is not just about the progress of the wounded skin, but also on the improvement of hair growth in mature skin.

It can help to look for good medicines to restore the growth of the hair.

Other experiments added to the Sonic hedgehog line reveal the high risk of tumors.

In order to avoid these risks, the group only incorporates fibroblasts under the skin surface where the hair follicular (dermal papillae) occurs.

Successful results It's possible that this barrier may be overcome, and the science gets closer to the renewal of the skin after the injury.

The goal of doctors is to identify drug-related goals for hair growth. Licensed medicines currently have negative side effects.

Minoxidil, foamy lotion or lotion works by nourishing hair follicles and increasing blood flow to scalp.

It helps two-thirds of patients, men and women, but may have side effects from rapid heartbeat to leg pain and stomach pain.

Finasteride is available only for men according to individual prescriptions. It works by blocking the enzyme that transforms to testosterone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which represents another type of halogen.

Studies have shown that finasteride causes up to 80 percent of men's hair growth, and one in 60 is exposed to weakness, while risks increase the duration of the drug.

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