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Scientists in India say $ 1.3 billion Voltmeterically measures lightning


Indian scientists have reported the most striking lightning bullets identified by the most powerful subatomic particles: muon.

Researchers control the GRAPES-3 telescope, which looks like an electron-like, but heavier, muon, particle size. In particular, the PeV EnergieS Phase-3 (GRAPES-3) gamma-astronomical astronomy measures the high energy particles from space, called cosmic rays. Usually, 2.5 million muons are collected per minute, compared to 13 to 13 grass cells. But during the lightning stroke, the number of muon gets rapidly changing. GRAPES-3 researchers have added experimental field monitors to convert muon fluctuations to storm stresses.

The storm on December 1, 2014, led to a decrease in the number of experimental muon by 2 percent. According to their methods published in physical reviews, this thunder was estimated at $ 1.3 billion. It is equivalent to the volt electric potential. This is not the strength of an electric field due to the formation of positively charged water molecules, which, instead, is not the lightning bolts, but on the bottom of the negatively charged ice through the convection to the cloud. For comparison, most of the lightning has a potential of 100 million volts between their ends. Subway tracks are less than 1000 Volts.

Measurement of voltage 10 times more than the strongest observable storm on Earth. With these powerful storms, some of the other high energy phenomena, such as the onset of the gamma rays, start to flash.

It is important to note that the models are always inaccurate and require the assumptions of the person. Michael Larry, a physicist at the University of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, told The Physics that this is a unique, but indirect way of measuring lightning torque, and the assumptions used in the analysis may not apply to every storm. He said he could use balloons or planes to make measurements that would clear the specimen.

But this mega measurement can help explain the secret. We reported that satellites measured the gamma rays on the ground or gamma rays. The attacks are supposed to cause this TGF, but there was no record high lightning strike to generate gamma rays observed in experiments such as the AGILE satellite. But 1.3 billion volts would be sure.

If the model is correct, this is the largest voltage that can be measured in thunder. If the cloud of electricity is close to you, then you will die in more than one.

Top images: NASA / ISS 16 (Wiktionary)

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