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Should Isco Launch Panic in Real Madrid?


There is only one headline in Spanish football: despite the fact that the European program is complete, there are also seven Spanish teams and a Copa del Rey line between the two La Liga sides. Isco?

Real Madrid's shares have dropped so far, as Santiago Solarie is in charge of his side and is out of the match due to Real Madrid's 2-1 win over Romia at night with a score of 2: 0.

He was not able to play in Real Madrid. The match, which ended in a 5-1 defeat to Barcelona's opponents last month, ended in a short and turbulent time manager, Julien Lopeguga. Of these, only 78 matches were replaced.

So why did he get so dragged? After all, a few months ago, he became the fourth star of the Champions League in five seasons.

Was it Solari? There are reports of tension between Isco and the new trainer, and some believe that the reason for his dismissal was due to "disrespect" to the manager.

They are believed to have started legitimate legitimacy by questioning an Isco Solary Method at an open Argentine manager's lesson.

In the public space, Sawari denied that there was a difference between two people and the decision to remove it was for pure football reasons.

It can not be quite possible. Of course, the Isco quality player, which is fully available at the discretion of the manager, at least has the potential European status.

Maybe it does not meet the requirements of its manager. There are reports of Isco's physical condition that removed Solari. When he was in charge, Isco did not go back for a long time to the cries of appendicitis. The four-week absence was a terrible one for Real Madrid, who lost four games and could not defeat any of the five games he played.

The lack of Isco was considered as the main cause of Madrid's struggle and Lopegui tried to change the situation in the team. Her return did not affect her will, but her immediate appearance led to her subsequent bad looks and the lack of clearness of the match.

But his weak conjecture is seen by some because of the lack of training they have had since their arrival. In Marcelo's next game, he explained that you need to work. Brazil Brazil asked "What advice would Icco offer?" "I'm not like that, it looks like football. you can see where you are and how it is improved. «

Investigation is obvious, damaged. For many teams, it does not work and looks good.

Of course, another possible reason for Isco's error is that it may not fit into their plans. Until now, the new leader has chosen midfielder Daniel Schabalos and three previous Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Lucas Wasseghe, and works for him – Real Madrid lost to Abby on Sunday, defeating Lopetegui every game.

If they get results, is there any reason to change it?

In all this, absolute certainty is now a subject of fluctuating translation. If he continues to stay, he may want to leave, and the club wants to sell it.

Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal were all interested.

Many Madrid fans will regret to announce the popularity of a talented Spanish Spanish player, but if the current situation continues, it can not be an alternative.

At the age of 26 he must become a phenomenal player of the Isco phenomenon. It can not be hard on the stand or on the stands. Whether it is disagreement with the manager or not having a tactical advantage of the manager, it should be resolved soon – either by restriction on Solari or new to pastures.

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