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Stenza: Simon Armstrong's poem about cancer is written on tablet Books


Simon The latest poem of Armageddon is "the name of the illness / illness of the ammunition / cancer", which the poet has not yet been able to pull out of the stage or read aloud. Instead, the work by Micro Artist Graham Short was written on chemotherapy tablets in 2 cm x 1 cm. According to Shor, it was probably the hardest job.

By the order of the Latin Cancer Research Institute, the second poem by Armitaj after the poetic laureate is called Finish. It is intended to illustrate a new generation of cancer-related illnesses that the Institute is planning to establish a drug trafficking center and turn it into a malignant tumor.

"I can not twist / tilt my tablet / God's finger," writes Armitage. Instead, the poet "made the disease itself speaks" / "a single pill / poison, one sentence / cure".

Up to 51 words Short Short Replica has been given to play a chemotherapy pill, which is designed to offer a range of drugs that are hoping to develop in a new center.

One side of the tablet is engraved with Short.

Here's a piece of paper … One of Graham Short's pills. Photo: John Andersen

"The pellets started falling and it was very difficult to make it," said Short, sweeping 10,000 yards a day to reduce the frequency of breathing, from midnight to 5am to 5pm, which prevents vibration during movement.

"I do special work, I wear a stethoscope, take tablets, and lower my heart rate to 20-25 minutes per minute. And then I use very fine needles to play a heartbeat. "

The shortscreen will be displayed at the drug detection center opened in 2020. With more than 14 million pounds currently under construction, hundreds of scholars are planning to collaborate centrally on the program. This will help to combat the development of drug resistance.

Micro artist Graham Short.

"It was very difficult to do that …" Graham Short. Photo: John Andersen

Armitage: "Science and poetry have been very interesting to work on a project that is closer and up-to-date on medical research rather than thinking about many people. Like science, poetry is a "what's happening" function, imagining the results and possibilities based on creative thinking.

"I liked the fact that poems and tablets may work together to make a medical and emotional treatment, and that the minimalist thing can be a major and destructive thing. I've been practicing for a long time – writing shortest songs is always hard, and it makes them vulnerable and vulnerable. "

Dr. Olivia Rosensze, the head of biology at the new center, said that the poetry of Armitage "shares the miracle with our history and hopes for the future, and this message has been put on a tablet that offers treatments." we will develop in the near future. "

According to him, this center works "with unprecedented functionality" together with computational biologists, genetics, evolutionist scientists and researchers.

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