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Thanks to Alan Partridge show, Steve Cogan has banned driving for a long time Ents & Arts


Steve Cugan is not forbidden to spend a long time after telling the court that he will stop shooting a new series with Alan Patrick's character.

The actor has captured his Porsche car at 36 miles, near the East Sussex House in the 30-mile zone, with nine points in the license for past offenses.

Coogan is only available for two months – instead of having a six-month automatic driving license – he believes he will have to cancel a series of travel tours for the BBC.

In the film, shot in October, the actor meets with the British people.

Cogan admitted to the Magistrates' Court: "I publish mainly traveling TV series that runs Britain.

"The entire nature of the series is a journey, and it is artistic that defines it and defines its character.

"You could not put her in the train because she was not. This is part of his character.

Mr. Kogan said that his character's skill could not be fake.

He also asserted that from 15 to 20 employees working on the production made by the Baby Cow production company, it would be difficult to find another job if the show was suspended shortly.

Steve Cogan, known as car lover, was shown last month at the Grand Prix in Great Britain.
Steve Kougan, who is also known as car lover, last month was at the Grand Prix of Great Britain

The actor has a story that speeds up the offense, and he has been banned from posting until he says he can not recall who car drives when driving at Hove.

In February 2016, he was fined £ 670 and banned from driving for 28 days for driving twice as high twice as speed in Brighton.

Mr. Kogan, who is a car lover, took part in a two-month training course for drivers.

Recognizing that her behavior needs to be improved, she says: "I try to slow down and try to keep the average speed limits.

"I try to drive the car with automatic speed control."

The actor was given three fines and banned from driving for two months.

He was fined £ 750, which was fined £ 85 for sterling and $ 75 per pound sterling.

The Court took into account "the particular difficulty" faced by its employees, if the series were suspended.

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