Tuesday , January 31 2023

The connected phone can have a 5G, 6.7 inch screen


It is no secret that the latest hierarchy on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone does not have major technological advances compared to its predecessors. This is the 10th anniversary of the smartphone's smartphone.

Information Wall Street Magazine sources include the newest "Galaxy S10", the 5G network speed, the Mammoth screens and many cameras. In addition, S10 is available online on three other models, similar to those released by Apple for the latest iPhone range, depending on many rumors online. Samsung may be ready to release standard version S10 Lite and S10 Plus.

Apple's smartphone competitor has announced the beginning of this year's 10th anniversary of its iPhone XS and XR, and is expected to play gameplay over Samsung's competitors.

Samsung is the world's largest smartphone maker. In the second quarter, the technological giant has caused unexpected sales after waiting for the quarterly minimum growth of Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2017. Due to the growth of companies such as Siamese and Huawei, Samsung has faced sophisticated technology sales, with a competitive edge in China and India offering a cheap phone.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy S10 should be able to extract smartphones and increase Samsung's appeal. The WSJ Beyond X says the 6.7-inch Samsung smartphone can show the largest screen ever seen. It's also assumed that the phone can also boast the front of the screen with the edge-to-edge screen capable of concealing cameras and sensors.

As for cameras, S10 has six people. Enabling additional cameras will greatly enhance your smartphone's ability to operate as a camera. Theoretical optional cameras can give users greater capabilities, intelligent focus capabilities, and enhanced AR (realistic) applications to have four, two front bars at the back.

Earlier this year, Samsung's CEO confirmed that the design of the Koh Galaxy S10 was "very important". Large screens, enhanced cameras, and 5G network capabilities are of course proud of Koh.

As usual, the new phone has a powerful processor and processor boost. The WSJ as well as the ability to connect backwards wireless charges, such as Samsung's Huawei Mate 20 Pro. This allows you to share the Galaxy S10 battery with other devices. However, an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor can be connected to its display.

Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone comes in a few weeks after making online waves. Perhaps four new phones will be available on the tablet tablets at the Mobile World Congress in February next year. Since then, we are waiting for the breath.

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