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Twitter in a smart refrigerator becomes a virus after confiscating your phone Technology


The adult teen came to the logical conclusion that intelligent home appliances were rising – mother's phone was confiscated from a clever refrigerator.

The 15-year-old Ariana Granada, called Dorothy, has been banned from using the phone, but has several innovative ways to reach thousands of followers – the hands-on Nintendo, the Wii U game console, and finally her family's LG Smart refrigerator.

doroty ?
(@ thanksunext327)

Whether this tweet is available, I do not know, I'm talking to the refrigerator and my mom has confiscated all electronics.

August 8, 2019

Dorothy, who refused to give her last name, said her mother was deeply concerned about cooking her two weeks ago and disciplinary punishment after the fire.

"He used all my technology, so I had to pay more attention to those around me," says a teenager's cousin, who has sent a message from the iPad to Texas, and has still been banned from technology. "I felt lonely! I'm worried because I'm bored during the summer, and Twitter is going to take time. "

User worried about losing his "opinions" – followed by other ways to make Twitter appear. His "fan-account" is mainly used to send Twitter Tweets on Ariane Grande.

After sending Twitter to her mother for her phone, another tweet from her mother was published, display: "I have seen [sic] Dorothy says he used Twitter on Nintendo. This account is currently blocking. «

doroty ?
(@ thanksunext327)

hey guys omg My mom is at work, so I'm looking for my phone. wish me good luck. lava #Mii #MiiMaker #WiiU / BaaAWUUjoV

August 6, 2019

Dorothy then twit sent"My mom got my phone and my nintendo phone, so I had no choice but to use Wi … thanks everyone for their support and affection." The first sign of the tweet, which shows the tweeted device. Twit came from Wii U.

Finally, after his mother took the Wii U, he twitted from the LG Smart refrigerator: "What am I doing with the refrigerator?"

LG did not respond to an explanation request, but its website confirms that the refrigerator has social media capabilities and that twit is sent from the device.

After Saga's viral infection and more than 12,000 rhytes, Twitter went in and wrote Dorothy for FreeDoroti.

Dorothy did not answer questions about how long it was founded. "I am late to answer, because it's hard to find something that uses Twitter," he told the Guardian.

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