Tuesday , August 16 2022

Victoria warns Sokolova's friend to threaten West Paks' attack


A friend, who suffered a teenage death, had warned him not to hold a meeting in the West Park in the middle of the night, when he heard her say that she had been tortured.

13-year-old Victoria asked Sokolova to go straight to her home because it was "very dangerous" when she came to the meeting, she told the police.

He also recalled that his wife had been "beaten" by his mother several months after hearing Victoria's valor's bank card stolen.


Victoria's half-bodily body was interviewed by young witnesses after she fell to the park in April.

He was killed with more than 20 bullets, hitting his head and killing him.

Couple and another friend spent the day together at the Victoria concert together in Volverhampton.

Court officials are looking for West Park

But one out of ten was taken to his father, and a 13-year-old boy was tired and wanted to go to bed.

Victoria, 14, asked if she could stay in her friend's house for a long time.

"I'm fine, but I have to go home." I do not want anything. "

His friend was so disturbed that he told Victoria's intentions to her husband. Among them, the Kingdom of Wolverhampton did not listen.

Victoria was ready to leave, and her friend heard the call to the next room "calling a guy she met."

The tape around the "black house", which is well-known in the "West Park"

They planned to visit a building called Black House, in a building called Black Orphanage.

The 13-year-old jury said: "I said it was a bad idea, and I thought I should do it, she said," She is my husband. " I have seen it for the last time.

Earlier on that day, Victoria informed someone about escape to London, but she did not say who she was. Lithuanian teenage mother and stepfather lived at the Mostineau in Volverhampton, but had "turbulent" relationships with them.

Judicial expert groups are searching around the dark wooden pavilion in the park

Her friend Victoria's mother told her that her father had stabbed her daughter in West Park three days before stealing a bank card and taking her money.

Later, he spoke about changing his parents' burning clothes.

His friend told the police that Victoria's mother "drew" his girlfriend's fight, and even beat him up and drown. "

He said: "I thought Victoria was leaving, it was really bad, and I did not know what to do, and I knew Victoria was beaten by her mother."

A 16-year-old teenager does not name legitimate reasons for not killing, raping and engaging in sex with his dead body.

The test is in progress.

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