Thursday , August 11 2022

Why did not the 1955 Dam Busters talk?


"You see some of this movie, but there is still much more to be done, and it's really an interesting event like a raid."

J.ackson James, the best seller of Dutch, Dam Busters: In the 1950s, he acquired the right to participate in the Barys class, with unrecognizable information.

Holland is a historical adviser to the project. He said: "The purity of all the science of the 1950s has been preserved. In fact, they were actually dropped, not a bomb, but a charge for depth.

"This idea stretches to the wall of a beam and lasts until a point is disassembled, and then there is a time-saver when it is drowned. At the moment of the explosion, the high pressure of the water has a depth to create this weight, which increases the explosion and suffers a great deal of damage.

"In the movie you will see that you are flying low, and everyone will look interesting. However, it is almost impossible to penetrate into the heart of Germany and a 30-ton car with a 4-tonne bomber at a distance of 102 meters at night [in the film] None of this is possible.

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