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Why Stan Lei was our super hero


When the filmmakers hinted that Stanley, the legendary comedy book, had killed Stanley, Linda Stuart told the four great men that Marvel's works had a great impact.

"This is a wonderful heritage of Stan"

Niamh Lennon (25) works as a registrar at Bangor Hotel. Studied special and visual effects at the Bolton University

Niamh is a Marvel fan of his childhood and is a constant cosplay in science fiction conventions in Belfast, decorating many heroes of comic books.

"Every year I get dressed, sometimes it's anime or game characters, and sometimes it's great characters," she says. "You can skip a place where everybody dressed as Captain America or Iron Man, and this is really fun."

Harry Potter's self-proclaimed member jumped to the X-Men together with the school for the young mutants.

"I did not see them from their age, and MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) was filmed with Captain America, Thor and Iron Man," she explains.

Nizam decided to study specific and visual effects at the Bolton University so much that his love for science and science was the same.

"You can choose to make CGI, but I've been on the path to physical impressions like sculpture, costume and character design, because I want to work on movies.

Marvel was the largest part of it. One day, it was my job to work in Marvel films, "he said.

But for the first time Niam came to the university, she found the values ​​of student societies – so she created her own community of cadets.

"Our first episode checked out Marvel-DC Comics, and it was so successful that society became the largest student community in the university, and I was a few years after graduation," she explains.

"I have always been involved in Spider-Man, and my favorite hero, Gwen Stacy, is the first daughter of Spider-Man, a very clever comic book, and he's becoming a great scholar. Comic, but he was killed accidentally.

"I like X-Men – I like the idea of ​​the Mutant School, and I know how to use schoolchildren and schoolchildren.

"Everyone has a sense of communication and feelings, and that is what people need – inspiration to anyone.

"When I saw Steen Lee's 95th birthday, I did not believe it.

"We do not see cameras in all films, Marvel is a wonderful legacy left behind."

"My beloved fans met in Belfast"

Keith Millar, from Cologne, graduated from PhD (40) PhD, but currently the largest independent musicians in the UK are the regional manager for charity auxiliary musicians. Also, Alan Taylor discusses new superhero movies in the Coffee and Heroes podcast.

I do not always remember that it was not a comic book or a super character. The cosmic person always liked me, "says Kitt.

"I remember when I saw the Spider-Man and his wonderful friends when I first saw the Spider-Man cartoons in the early 1980s, and that's really the story of Stanley Lee on the New York scene."

In Northern Ireland in 1980, the capture of American comics was not easy, but fans ended with a story that continued in the only edition.

"They made British repressions of American comics, and they all talked to each other with the secret characters -" Fantastic Four "and" Spider-Man "and many others," the Secret War ", which prompted my interest in the comic.

She has been at Talisman's Comic Bookstore at Beletth Vinathawer Street about 11 years old.

"For the first time I saw a comic book store, and you took a whole story. Then I got the comics books after Talisman. I am a collector since then, "he says.

"It's ridiculous, I think, the reason I first came to science was probably because it was because I was a scientist from Spider-Man.

"You know how it affects your development, how fun it is for your money, your friends' spending.

There are such things as the human motto of the generation that "the great power feels a great responsibility", and what would you say if you have the power to do that?

"If people around you have the power to protect your physical or mental health in times of crisis, you have to do it.

The slogan "X-Men" is "the fight against the hatred and scared world", and therefore does not mean that some people should hate or fear because they have different views, different sexual desires or other understandings.

"The perfect hulk is anger and control of anger."

Katie moved to Belfast two years ago and went to the Smithfield market, where she saw Coffee and heroes, a coffee shop and a comic book near Talisman.

"I went into the coffee and talked to the guy, and we realized that we really got the best of things," he says.

Now he describes Alan Taylor and his wife, Vicki, as "the Belfast Family." "All the guys and girls who come to the store are creating a safe space for the community and people who are going to pink for me, go to the cinema and interact with each other – they are my tribe. «

Kit Stan states that Limin will never meet.

"It's no wonder that you've never met and can influence someone who does not know how to improve your life, your growth, your friends and the world you've made. Lee, "she says.

"I thought I would like to welcome her and thank her, but now I can read comic books and learn lessons."

"His stories were made available to people of all ages … and they were glad."

Alan Tallique (35 years old) has a funny book of heroes and Coffee at Wintawernn Street in Belfast, Belfast, and Wiki (32).

It started for me when I saw the morning morning cartoon when I was a kid and a child. You had something like X-Men and Spider-Man, and Batman animated series, "says Alan (right).

"I found an old shop called Talisman in Belfast, and we love stupid thinking, which is a heir of spirituality – we are an independent warehouse controlled by our fans and we are a community that makes sense.

"We are a coffee shop and a comic shop, and people come and talk about comic books and talk about the latest stories, and this is a safe place to talk about."

As for the character of his beloved Marvel, he says, "You can not look at the Spider-Man". "The good thing about Stan Lee is that when they are created by X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man (below), they are really the characters in the world. Fourth is quarrels, X-Men – external people. Spider-Man is a 15-year-old, who is still learning to grow and take on all responsibility and learn how to deal with it.

She puts a six-year-old, like 30-year-old, the same universal question that they can fly with people who really are doing fantastic things in the world. «

It's worth noting that Stan Lee lived more than 60 years ago thanks to his great heritage.

"I saw this cartoonist in the beautiful gate of Stanislavia and the sound of God's voice saying," It's not bad for you to dedicate yourself to yourself, "and I thought it was awesome.

"He is famous for films – he has made all the incomes and has shot early, so there will be many.

"There are people who are returning to the fanbase and they still have such joy and admiration … All of Stanley's stories suit all ages – these messages were universal and they were delighted. to the end ".

"I have many memories from childhood, and you can see his cartoons"

Simon Bamford (28) married Lisburn's Jessica (29). Love for Marvel had a great impact on creating video games and now he has a concession in Tesco.

According to Simon, he first learned Marvel in six or seven and saw his cartoon "Adam-Adam" every week.

"I had the X Men cartoon and the incredible Hulk, and some of my childhood memories really enjoyed those show programs," he says.

"When I like seeing special characters, it's fun to see all the bright and colorful heroes … Spider-Man had all the different super heroes on the show at any time. it can be viewed every week. «

When the movies were released, Simon went to the cinema and tried to see his family.

"When I was sincere in my cartoons, I had to watch them all the time," she says.

He also became a video game lover: "I had many Spider-Man games, and when I was old I decided that this was the career I wanted to make." At the University, Simon met with two-sided friends and they created their own video game company Digipop Games, but eventually it was hard to find any money to play. One of the games is a prototype super-hero game.

"I was impressed by the Spider-Man, who called me Peter Parker, as if he were superhero," he says.

When Simon saw Sten Lee for one of his most famous entertainments, Kevin was in the 90's of the "Malatris" Rompocy.

"Any time he gets into one of the movies, you'll be happy," she says.

"He created symbols that you can see, a vast world of relative heroes. In my opinion, the miracle he has done and the power and passion that he has shown up to the last moment are awesome, and his legacy is wonderful. "

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