Tuesday , August 16 2022

Wolf: "Bottas wants to get lost" to help F1 recover


Bottas was unable to win the race in 2018, picking up a late punctuation in Baku, and then winning in Russia and defeating his team-mates.

Finn, however, has struggled to balance the team with Lewis Hamilton this season, the most disappointing of F1.

Wolf does not see any major problem, but draws a line on the campaign and considers it necessary to consider this winter as Bottas.

In the year that Motorsport.com asks you to get back to Boston, Wolf says: "She wants to lose my home and she wants to charge my battery.

"Lift, restore, heal, and come back next year, and I think it was too long, and I fully understand it."

Botas says that having time at home helps him to return some of the lost mentality that he lost in the season.

"I just want to be lost, but the fact is that after three weeks, I start my holidays, so it's three weeks of different commitments," he said.

"So I have to go through this, and then think in June and spend four weeks to get lost minds."

Wolf believes that Bottas' season suffered a defeat, as he had not been in the championship yet.

"Speaking with drivers, drops are taken after the championship capabilities are removed," he said. "I think we've seen this year".

Bottas acknowledged that the start of the season had failed.

"It was a very difficult season because I set a goal for the whole year for my goals and goals," he said.

"At any time, at one point in the season, when I found it impossible, I had a lot of failures, and it was interconnected, and sometimes there were problems.

"At the moment I feel a little hurt, and it's hard to see many optimistic situations throughout the year.

"But if you do sports you know yourself, I know that after a while it will be better, and I see the bright side of this season, and I'm going to attack the next year."

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