Monday , December 6 2021

A hurricane hurricane hopes the physicists will find harder material


The new study is in the midst of a "dark storm" of the Earth, and scientists are not optimistic, but it offers a normal opportunity to find complex material. Dark matter is believed to have survived the collapse of the curve that we have long been in contact with.

S1 is said to be the darkest substance of S1. However, they really can not "see": they think that about 30,000 stars with a different chemical composition have been found in the Milky Way Galaxy. These stars move on the same elliptic pathway that shows that they are the remains of a curved galaxy colliding with the Milky Way galaxy.

As the S1 star flows through the solar system, a storm hurricane gives a good opportunity for different detectors scattered across the globe to get traces of all hypothetical particles, CNet reports.

Scientists from the University of Zaragoza, Royal College London and the Astronomical Institute in the United Kingdom announced the results of their research on November 7.

«[There are] All of these galaxies, some of them are really great, you can see them in the sky, "said one of the researchers at the University of Zaragoza Hare and one of the authors of the study, astronomers.

According to New York Times, in 2013 spacecrafts spacecraft was used with the spacecraft spacecraft. In May, scientists working with Gaia traced approximately 1.3 billion star and unparalleled spectacular star interstellar objects – but only about 1 percent of the entire galaxy.

The presence of dark matter is still something that is not directly detected in NASA notes, but is extrapolated from what is required of the universally-occurring behavioral attitudes.

According to NASA, Albert Einstein's theory of gravitation is wrong, or something else, that is, there is another kind of matter or energy, because the expansion of the universe has not slowed down from gravitation. invisible, but we can deal with a matter we can see. This big issue in physics is called dark matter / energy.

Something black

"About 68 percent of the world's total energy is dark energy, while the black matter is 27 percent," the space agency writes. "The rest – everything on the Earth, all the means, with all the normal substances, make up at least 5 percent of the universe."

The dark object, if it exists, is about 143 kilometers per second. But do not do horror, it will not go away quickly. This "storm of hurricanes" needs at least a million years to explore.

Source: Sputnik News

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Scientists are looking for a dark matter

Lund, Sweden (SPX) October 30, 2018

Researchers from the University of Lund in Sweden, along with others, have made the most effective way to find information about dark matter in the universe. They can analyze a large amount of CERN data.

The CERN Research Institute is conducting a series of long experiments with proton-based LHC accelerator speeds. The number of data is constantly increasing as the accelerator's capacity improves.

However, it is hard to find more than others

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