An angry discovery of the lost body of a North Carolina teenager's cell-phone home was a tragic outcome for relatives, friends, and all congregation members.

The FBI agent and the Lambert Police have found a building south of Tuesday evening. The authorities are looking for Haniyah, a 13-year-old student at the Lumberton Junior Higher School, for a search of Noel Agülar.

According to the FBI, his body was sent to the State Criminal Laboratory in Raleigh for identification and disclosure.

Dr. Shanita Wooten, head of the Robeson County School, says the body "is considered Hania, but its identity has not yet been confirmed." "The government expects the body to be hailed by Haniyah, and the body is expecting it to be positive."

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Hania was kidnapped on November 5th when she left for a car to visit a nearby relative traveling with a bus. When she heard her friend, she saw Hanya in the SUV, wearing all black dresses and yellow banners, and saw a man running away.

The FBI searched for both local and state police. Three days later, the car was found in the forest valley just a few kilometers from Hananiya's home. The government oversaw more than 800 guides, has interviewed more than 400 people, checked the hours of observations, and monitored Chania's "all possible lead".

According to Vutan, support staff will be available to students and staff at Hania School.

"It's a failure to find a large scale and we support all students and staff when it comes to tragic events," a statement reads. "This is a difficult time for our entire region, so we torture this terrible and still have to deal with this terrible tragedy.

"We hold Hanini in our minds, and the investigation continues, we pray to his family and each other."

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