Sunday , May 22 2022

Airglow turns the world into another world – quartz


In October, at the International Space Station astronaut shot a picture similar to the other similar to the yellow and orange color. But this photo, shot 250 kilometers from Australia, is a kind of air flow, which has a special hue in the country due to the atmospheric phenomenon.

You can keep the Earth's atmosphere from the science classes of the secondary school, which is a layer of gases around the planet that protects us from harmful UV rays. Since UV rays reduce the Earth's atmosphere, they emit molecules in the air, and this energy is released as light.

Usually in our atmosphere, although there is a certain degree of air flow, it is not always visible and different atoms based on different layers of atmosphere change colors. The photo of the ISS is yellow and orange, but from the ground it is usually seen as red and green.

NASA explores the aerial network to better understand how the atmosphere works. Atmosphere This buffer between the Earth and space, as its researchers help scientists to better understand the connections between Earth and space in space. To this end, NASA is planning to launch a new satellite called Ionsferic Connection Explorer (ICON); The launch is planned for today (November 7) but has been postponed due to the missile launch. Earth's atmosphere begins with orbit up to 360 miles deep.

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