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Amazon announced the division of HQ2 between New York and North America to Amazon


More than a year after the American cities received the most reliable suggestions for the Amazon HQ2, the e-commerce giant for its second and third headquarters in New York and Washington DC. landed on the square.

Wall Street Journal, A Monday night announcement was published on Monday, referring to people familiar with the talks. Also reported that other cities can also get the Amazon's main objects.

Amazon ranks 50,000 jobs in New York's Long Island City and the Crystal City of North Virginia, with a value of $ 5 billion. Wall Street Journal Last week, Dallas reportedly became one of the three cities.

Dallas and Austin were about 20 finalists – 19 in the USA and in Toronto – it was the year to look for a second headquarters suitable for their home in Seattle, Amazon. In the North Texas area, the Amazon has been zeroed as the 1st No. 1 in the center of Dallas.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rowling denied comment on Monday evening. He refused to comment on Amazon.

Amazon's change in headquarters came after the conclusion that its managers could bring the best technical talents in two places. Journal said in a statement.

Amazon has climbed up to $ 5 billion over the past week and has been criticized for gathering data from hundreds of cities if it chooses the energy corridor of the East Coast cities. But for Amazon's winners, New York and Washington DC have proven to be a must-have environment for technology-driven companies.

Dallas Regional Chamber chaired 175 Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dallas-Fort Worth District, served as Amazon Clearing House. The volume of information requires a password-protected website and a 253-page spiral book with 25 distributed sites and regional information. This offer contains more than 59 sites in 23 cities in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Amazon-friendly community is a large space for large motorized areas and workers. But there are many differences.

Crystal City, the capital of the nation's capital, is the new office building in the 1980s, after thousands of federal jobs have been moved. The rapidly growing Long Island City old industrial zone has been rebuilt as a 21st Century industry, creatively dedicated and successful hub.

Here are the photos of the winning cities:

Long Island City

It is the fastest growing neighborhood in the most populous city of the nation, and it enhances the volume of Amazon Quince's competent part.

Landing Amazon transforms the city of Long Island, from the center of Manhattan, to a modern enclave of modern warehouses and coastal skyscrapers passing through the east coast.

But Long Island City is also trying to control its growth.

Until the Amazon news came to an end, the city made a $ 180 million project for schools in Long Island, street design and sewerage systems that suffered from heavy rains. But these projects will improve the current needs, said Jimmy van Bramer, a district advisor.

"I know more about this, but HQ2 should work for the people of Queens and Queens, and it can not be a good thing for Amazon," says Van Brammer, a Democrat.

Many factories and warehouses in Long Island have been shut down as snuffers in New York City.

The revival of Mangistau began in the 80's, when officials redefined the coastal wall, where artists have a storage space, affordable rent, and a building that is now a museum of MoMA PS1. Silvercup Studios is a series of films series "Sex and City", "30 Rock" and "The Sopranos".

Long Island City acquired a new commercial status and opened a high line that opened the office tower in 1989, the Citi Bank Master. However, the growth of the area has recently been due to housing construction.

Since 2010, more than 950 new apartments and homes have been built in every New York area. Thousands of work units.


If in America any place does not break 25,000 Amazon's work, it may be Crystal City, Virginia, which lost a lot of jobs over the last 15 years.

Near the state of Arlington, the Potomac River and the capital city, on the other hand, are on the third place in the Pentagon and at the Reagan National Airport.

Despite its principal location, despite the many types of transport, a large flow of workplaces affected the neighborhood. In 2003, the Patent and Trademark Office, Crystal City, began to replace more than 7,000 jobs. In 2005, the Defense Ministry planned to move about 17,000 jobs as part of the basic reorganization.

Arlington has worked hard to attract new employers, and has achieved several successes. The Public Broadcaster has changed its headquarters to Crystal City in 2006.

However, the large gap in the vicinity is empty. Along with other problems, the region struggled to overcome its reputation for obsolete architecture.

The Crystal City is equipped with office buildings in the 70s and 80s. Buildings are connected to a network of tunnels covered with food, hairdressers and newspapers. The tunnels leave open street lounges sometimes in vain.

The city planner of the Brookings Institution, Jennifer Schutz, suggested that buildings be upgraded or even replaced. But although these people are often linked to elevators or modern workplaces engaged in technology companies, many technology companies in the Silicon Valley actually work from office buildings in the 80th century.

For all the old architecture stories, those who actually work in Crystal City appreciate the convenience and functionality of the work, including tunnels.

"I like it here," says Christina Gentri, from Greenbelt, Maryland. He works in the office of patent and trademark, and likes his time in Crystal City.

"Everything is available here," he said. "When it was raining or getting wet, I had never been forced to leave."

Probably not a place where Crystal City vibrates from the region's only modernized restaurant, Skydome is better than the Doubletree Crystal City. Dinarians DS uses a panoramic view of the horizon, completing the full rotation every 47 minutes.

The hotel's food and beverage manager, Sam Geteev, said the restaurant was close to the retro atmosphere.

"These are big notes," Getaev said. "People come to his curiosity."

Associated Press reports Long Island City and Crystal City.

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