Tuesday , August 16 2022

Attack Daniels claimed that Avetattin Avramatti had no "slogan" to slander Tramps


An adult film director Stormy Daniel wrote on Wednesday that his advocate, Michael Aventati, had never written or spelled that he had "had a second charity event to collect money without my permission, even without my knowledge" to slander the president without slandering President Trappys.

In an interview with The Beatles Beast, Daniels added, "Aventattis has been a great advocate on many occasions," but he added, "Michael did not have to respect me and respect me on the other hand."

"For a few months, Michael Avenattis has provided me with protection about my defense and gave him a generous donation for my security and my legitimate defense," Daniels said. "These requests were ignored several times a few days ago and demanded several more times, telling me how much money was spent and how much money was left.

"Instead of answering me … Mikhail started to raise money for me to collect money, so I learned about it on Twitter," said Daniel, and also decided whether Aventattus would further protect her.

Aventatty responded to the Fox News statement: "I have always been Stormy's greatest champion and am sacrificing a lot of money, time, and effort to help him because I've always been an open book with Stormy in all aspects of his actions and she knows that she has just been interviewed several times, and says that we talk about her case several times every day and talk.


"If he paid $ 100.00 for the Stormy storage agreement, he signed in February, and any and any other money raised through the legal reserve will depend on my legal fees and expenses," said Avenatti. Instead, most of the money was spent on security and other expenses, and the recent campaign was a renewal of a previous campaign to protect some of Storm's expense. "

The fundraising complaint on the CrowdJustice website rose to $ 4,785 at night on Wednesday. According to Daily Beast, the former collector has raised more than $ 580,000 for Daniel's losses earlier this year.

Earlier this year, an attack against the federal court in Manhattan, Daniel and Michael Aventatty.

Earlier this year, an attack against the federal court in Manhattan, Daniel and Michael Aventatty.

Last month, a Los Angeles federal judge, Daniel, filed a suit against the president who denied a request by Thompson in April 2011 to threaten a man in Las Vegas. The name is Stephanie Clifford, said Daniels, a man who was threatened to publish sex with Trampe in 2006. Trump has repeatedly denied this action.

By court decision, the U.S. District Judge S. James Otero ordered Daniel to pay Tompp's legitimate payments, and the president's lawyers estimated $ 350,000.

Daniels demanded that the privacy agreement, which was initially signed before the presidential election in 2016, prevented him from discussing sex with Tompson before working for presidency. The privacy agreement was paid $ 130,000 to Daniel, from Trump's private lawyer, Michael Cohen. In August last year, Cohen Daniels and another woman, Karen McDougg, acknowledged that he had made a payment for the "Traffick" candidate for breach of the Law on Fiscal Campaigns.

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