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Bethesda: Fallout 76 has not advertised the 200th issue, so here's the $ 5 prime currency


November 29, 2018 Bethesda has apologized for the bag from the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition, but it is unlikely that everything will be satisfied.

The Fallout 76 Deluxe Power Armor Edition offers up to $ 200 and includes a selection of entertainment, entertainment items, light on the world of light, and two Fallout figures. Most importantly, the T-51 helmet helmet, which is promised to deliver the bag with a large packing. Moreover, this bag is not thick, but canvas.

On the contrary, this cheap nylon bag and no promising buyers did not know that the collector's publications were actually delivered. Last week, complaints were filed on the Internet, and today publisher Bethesda admitted them. In the Fallout Twitter account, "we understand and respect, in the Power Armor Edition bag there is no mood. Excuse me.

Twit, the Fallout 76 premium currency will promise 500 atoms to deliver you. This is not particularly generous – at the gaming cart of the game, 500 atoms give you $ 5 USD (£ 4 GBP), and this player shows , which will not deceive you. This door has some style and some plants.

The answers to Twitter are absolutely negative. If you require 500 atoms, you will find a help page here.

This is how Paltry compensates, which may seem to be the first answer to Bethesda's furore. Fans Bethesda captured consumer service scenarios that did not plan any action. The LanternCupcake team on Twitter responded with support from the support team: "Because of the inaccessibility of materials, we were forced to move on the nylon." "In our opinion, it does not allow anyone to enjoy the things that they like. best collective editions. «

Another Email Shared User Shared krcm0209, much shorter. The bag in the media was a prototype and it was too expensive to do it. We plan to do nothing about it. " This is a unique service to the client, but changes in r / PCgaming are trustworthy by e-mail.

The pages stored in many large retail stores are still showing up in the stock, and all of them represent the original shirt and mark the material as "canvas."

Bethesda's personal case, which has been updated to date, says you now have a "nylon-bag". The promotional image still shows the canvas, but still "Canvas West Tek duffel bag" And here's all very good, because the Power Armor Edition was sold for a long time.

Here you can see the pictures of the bag included in the package.

Canvas bag is not something too expensive and prototype is much cheaper than the nylon equivalent. And again, this package costs $ 200. Fallout lovers have a lot to do because the line is spent, as the content is not advertised.

Bethesda has been convicted of fraudulent bans on Fallout 76, which has nothing to do with Bethesda, especially when it comes to Bethesda. It is not the case whether or not this case will be brought to justice.

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