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Bungie discovered the fate of 2 black weapons raid – Game Rant


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This will not take long before you supply Bunyi Destiny 2 There is no doubt that the next major fanfare fan fighter, namely "Black Arms" – and many security guards are ready DLC raid release date is here. Players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new player, and the developer has recently decided to give a good idea to the fans about the raid.

Not so soon, Redditor and Destiny 2 The fan with the "Who_is_Rem" online knob earlier found that the term "Raid Lair", which was on the Black Armory DLC content calendar, was changed to "Raid". The official subregissions of this game have given rise to the assumption that the upcoming event would actually be a full-scale raids. To respond to this, Bungie Community Manager, Chris "Cozmo23" Shannon, said the new raid would be "bigger than lilies, but less than the day's".

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Further, Reddit says that other users have entered it Destiny 2Collections and triumphs are still called "Raid Lair" and are not actually "Raid". Also, the fact that the Cozmo23 Black Dwarcer DLC's recent games is actually not a full-blown raid, the question is which terminology should be added to the content to describe it.

Taking into account all this, Bungie is wondering whether he has finally made a step forward and declares the Black Army DLC raid as "full-size" or has published any iterations to accommodate fans. However, given that Cozmo perceived the above statement on this subject as "Taking the raids in many dimensions," there is a good chance that players can not find the exact range and range until the raid itself is released. Still, it is Raid or Raid Lair, or, most importantly, if all defenders look at the First World Championship.

Destiny 2 Available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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