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Carlos Ghosn: Nissan 's board for the fate of the chair


The photo taken on October 1, 2010 shows Renault and Carlos Gosn, General Director of Nissan Carmakers of Japan.Copyright
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Nissan's board decides Thursday that Carlos Gasn has been arrested on charges of financial abuse.

It is expected that the Department will release Mr. Ghosn from office.

He has dropped Nissan's salary and accused the company of using its own funds.

However, some of them try to re-equate power with Renault and Mitsubishi.

The industry-trained businessman, who was arrested this week, sent shock waves through the sector.

It has become a 64-year-old Nissan and Renault, and has become a communications architect between the three companies that are considered Renault's dominant partners.

What is accusation?

Nissan has accused Ghosn of "serious acts of serious wrongdoing", including not being aware of the payment package and the use of the company's assets.

On Monday, the firm said it had been conducting an internal investigation for several months.

Nissan's leader, Greg Kelly, says Nissan is "involved" in an illegal activity.

Prosecutors say two men have agreed to reduce the compensation of Mr. Gosn since 2010.

Mr. Gosn was not charged in Japan.

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What was this reaction?

Hiroto Saikawa, Chief Executive Officer of Nissan, said he felt "dissatisfaction" and "dissatisfaction."

According to him, Nissan is now trying to stabilize the situation and normalize the daily operations of its employees and business partners.


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Hiroto Saikawa, a Nissan company, said that the offense was "lasting for a long time,

Nissan also suggested that Mitsubishi de Gosn be the chairman.

Mr Renault remains Mr. Gosn's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, but has been appointed Deputy Director of the Vehicle Management Department.

According to French Finance Minister Bruno LeMear, Gosn is the "no more" who heads the vehicle with a 15 percent share of the French state.

But he has partnered with Renault's Nissan company in France, Japan and the interests of both companies.

The market did not accept the news. This week Nissan's shares dropped by 5%, while Renault was down 8% this week.

Will the alliance survive this?

Mr. Gon is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors Strategic Alliance.

But the future of the partnership remains unclear after its discovery.

Although Renault's sales are small, Nissan's share is 43%, and Nissan's Renault share is 15%.

Mr. Gon tried to make it stronger before his arrest, according to the Financial Times newspaper, which was negotiated between Renault and Nissan, which was opposed by Nissan.

However, sources say that the full integration into the BBC – the creation of a single company – has never been on the map.

The leader of Nissan, Saikawa, insisted that the partnership "will not be affected by this incident."

However, Osamu Masuko, the chief executive of Mitsubishi Motors, said alliance would not be able to manage GosnusZyz.

Who is Carlos Ghosn?

  • Her status was so great that her life was featured in one of Japan's most popular cartoon comics.
  • A Lebanese-born originator and a Frenchman said that his backdrop was abundant and helped him adapt to new culture.
  • In France, he was named Le Cost Killer, who commented on the deep breaks he took to Renault
  • He was once promoted as the potential president of Lebanon, since he later became "a lot of jobs"
  • In 2011, the Japanese want to rule their country. Gosn is the seventh, Barack Obama (ninth)

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