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Cate Upton was born with Justin Werner, the first born child


Kate is officially a mother!

The 26-year-old was born with his first child, his baby girl, and Justin Verler on November 7th. On Saturday, she shared her interesting news on Instagram. and enjoyed his remarkable name.

"Genevieve Upton Verlander ? 11.7.18," he took a sweet photo. In addition, my proud father wrote in Instagram: "Welcome to the world, Jefferson W. Utner, I've stolen the first few minutes I've met with you!" 11.7.2018. The child's marriage takes three days after marriage to celebrate the wedding.

In July, she announced that she was pregnant with Instagram's stylish post.

"#PregnantinMiami @justinverlander," he wrote with a picture of a red suit.

Verleen, who attacked Houston's Astros, posted his picture in Instagram and conveyed a sincere message to his wife.

"You are the most wonderful mum!" She wrote. "I can not wait to start this new journey with you! I'm the most careful, loving, caring, and strong woman I've ever met! you women like you in the world, I love you very much. «

Oton and 35-year-old Werlener were married in Italy last November, a few days after Astros won the World Series of Los Angeles Dodge.

According to Supermodel, "I had to marry my best friend Maxim in July. "He is a stunning man, he is very careful and purposeful and motivated, he inspires me every day and I consider him my husband".

As for Verleen, he rescued his wife from depression and gave an open interview Bleacher Report in August.

"Who knows, if I do not come to him, am I here?" He shared. "He jumped over the bridge. I was shocked and just wanted to hide my selfishness in the world. F ** k, man. He needed me. "

See the video below to learn more about the wedding:

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