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Chris Soul, a bureaucrat, was a victim of a car crash


Chris Souls

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Starting from April 2017, Chris Souls a new word in a car crash.

Formerly Bachelor, On November 13, Tuesday, on Tuesday, November 13, a television program called "Prince Farmer" has entered a guilty note of an incident that left the scene of the explosion. News confirms.

He was convicted on January 8, 2019 and sentenced to two years in prison.

It should be noted that he was arrested after a car accident in Iowa, which was born 19 months later. At that time the Iowa State Patriarch confirmed E. Suez led a 66-year-old truck carrying a truck Kenneth Mosertractor trailer. According to authorities, the 37-year-old star of truth was exited from the scene before the law enforcement agencies arrived and was later detained in the morning at 15 miles from his home in Arlington. Moser was taken to a nearby hospital where he was dead.

Sool's lawyer, Gina Messamer, Says E! "The prosecutor has changed his guilt and Mr. Sulls has been convicted on suspicion of guilty. This charge fines for a term of up to two years with a suspended sentence. The reason for Mr. Slow's confession is that he failed to comply with legal requirements or did not provide 911 mail registration details required by the laws of Iowa."

The following morning, Saul was summoned to the court, and he was about to leave the scene. She was released after her mother, Linda, which, on its behalf, issued a guarantee of $ 10,000.

"Chris Soul died on Monday evening (April 24) in the rural area of ​​Ayova," he said in a lawyer's statement. "He suffered a tragedy to find out about the death of Kenneth Mosser, his thoughts and prayers, [are] With Moshe's family.

Both Moser's neighbors know each other To Richard Rope E to tell the news at the same time. «[The Moshers’] Knowledge of the furrow … They are long-term farmers with roots in the Buchanan and Fayet County, so they are at the top of their neighbors.

The sound of the next 911 show, that Millie called the police before stepping on the scene and checked Moer's impulse and breath during the call. According to Sûl, she may feel pulse, confirming that she has bleeding from Moser's mouth and has stopped breathing.

Chris Sills, Mug Shot

Sheriff Office of Buchanan County

In May 2017, he was not charged with the crime of rescue.

"When the first reports were presented, Sole fled to the stage, the 911 bell proved that Sue actually appealed to the law enforcement agencies," the advocates told E. News in April 2017 "When he talked, he identified himself in the event of a catastrophe. He tried to revive Moser and remained in the scene until the emergency medical staff arrived." Its legal team is asking law enforcement agencies to keep further evidence.

However, in January, the judge Andrea Dryer She refused her request for a verdict.

On July 10, Sula was known as a participant of the competition Bachelor before you receive it Bachelor Until June 19, he finally offered Whitney Bisoff, but two months later they stopped working. He also competed on June 20 Dancing with the stars Finally it is fifth.

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