Friday , October 7 2022

Drake and "six-day Hangover" John Meier helped to stop alcohol


John Meier

Courtesy Complex / Emman Montalvan

This year, John Meier we are grateful for the two years of patience Drake.

"It was Dreykin's 30th birthday, and I made my fool," John told me. Jerry Lorenzo, Nike Air Fear of God and designer Joe La Puma In the interview to the complex. "Every morning after I woke up I got a week to stop the case."

Then, six days after describing him as "the most beautiful night-life," he still felt the residue. "How big this was, I looked at the window and I walked, John, what percentage of your potential would you like?" 60 The other 40 people are entertaining, which is good, but what percentage you want to have? I went to 100.

He stopped drinking from that day. Rather than rescue his life from eating or drinking, he was "in four groups, in two groups, happy in the planes." This is not all the sunshine and taste. Initially, he admits "boring" because it is not "high", but few things have improved slightly. He says, "I wake up in the morning and go in the morning." [days]. & # 39; "

And that is what he wants Mac Miller, he worked together Smaller worlds, he would have learned lessons that had passed before the tragic death of September 7. "I just would not have been killed, I just want to know if your life has taken your life."

But after all that happened, Mayer realizes that this is a very "personal" thing for everyone. "Give special attention to your spirit and psychology, it is impossible to do it one way to explain it to others, and you really have to fight it critically," explains old 41. "Because he pushes you constantly, and every Friday and Saturday every Saturday he's going to drink it in social media."

He says: "If you look at things differently, what would I give the risk?" "What can I do?"

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