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During the loss of Golden State Warriors, emotions emerge for Kevin Durant for Draymond Green

LOS ANGELES – Golden State Warriors All-Stars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green typically check each other, and they become too emotional about the call or the game during the season.

On Monday night, with the Los Angeles Clippers lost 121-116 hours of work, the team replaced warm words on the table.

Durant, who scored 33 points, won 11 times and denied 10 assistants, which at the end of the green game did not give up 106-106.

Instead of finding the duo, Greene raised the floor, but eventually the ball hit. Television cameras kept the words replaced by Durant and Green on the stage as two players had to calm down their players until they started working even more.

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One player did not respond to the media after the game, but veteran defender Shaun Livingstone exchanged warmth.

"Only the team spirit," said Livingstone. "The team spirit … Children want to get results from others … Because of the turnaround, children may feel that they are open to basketball or want to get into basketball. some fire, you see some emotions.

Conversation between Durant and Green began to understand the fact that Warriors was running out of the 19th-5th rule so that the team could perform well and return to the game to run it overtime. Duress won overnight the tender affliction, but allowed her to participate in the race to help her return. Apart from the fireworks he had made, he questioned Mark Davies, who gave Durant his sixth and last foul, which made the band much more than any other whistle.

«[Davis] said [Montrezl] Harrevel did the blow, so he called it, "says combat trainer Steve Kerr." I think this should be an automatic flash. I have not seen this folk. It was as if his hands were here and Harrell just wanted to hit the ball. This is not the price for the game.

"I thought it was a tough call," said Livingstone. "They made very harsh calls and questioned him because he lost the noisy ball, otherwise he sold it, I do not know, Mark [Davis] it was the best angle, but it called. "

The varriaries ranged from 30 to 16, but Kerr noted that Clippers deserves a victory. He was not guilty of losing whistle blows, but Warriors knew that these dogs had changed the tenor of some games.

"I thought four of them were harsh calls," said Carroll Durant's folks. "It was a tough night for Kevin, and I just left it there because we were, of course, with Stephen [Curry] Exit. I let the guys play with the folks. It was a bit stiff. «

Warriors did not know that any difficult feelings between Durant and Green would be unsuccessful. They know they did not do it when it was necessary for those attacking on Tuesday evening Atlanta Hawks – Another game without Carrie, he can recover from that hole.

"If we lock, we are the best defense in the world," said Clay Thompson, a warrior. "Over the past few years, we've had the best switching in the league. Unfortunately, we have disappeared, but we see them several times, and we will be fine. "

Thompson left any important praise, though he influenced Clippers' defensive tactics.

"I know they are good," he said. "But they are nothing special.

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