The authorities in Wisconsin heard 911 calls after finding 13-year-old Jaime Closs and bringing her to her neighbor's home in the Gordon Village. (January 15)

BARRON, Wisc. "When Elizabeth Smart came home for 9 months, he fought with the kidnapping.

He could not go anywhere. Food at the store was longer. He could no longer bloom.

His return was the beginning of a new trip, "he said Friday in the Barron district of Wisconsin.

"I think I could say who I was before I was stolen," he said. "In time, I did not know that this girl, Elizabeth Smith, lived before I was kidnapped."

At Barron's High School, he spoke to help 13-year-old Jamie Clos, two months earlier, to come home from the house of Jake Patterson, to move forward after returning home.

21-year-old Patterson banged James's parents on October 15, holding a teenager in the 88-year-old Gordon County Douglas County.

On March 27, Patterson goes to court for trial, accusing the first degree of malicious murder, kidnapping, and robbery.

More: According to Jamie Closs, the kidnapper can admit guilt,

Smart also drove the crowd all the time after the brawl broke down the street brawler Brian D. Mitchell in the bedroom of Salt Lake City in 2002 and captured Mitchell's wife Vanda Barzee for 9 months. Mitchell used his religion everyday to justify his actions.

Elizabeth Smart addresses the Mayor's office of Barron High School. Smart, kidnapped as a teenager, killed 13-year-old Jaime Closs and her parents, who abducted in October. Closs escaped in January. According to Smart, it is important for James to "spoil his life." (Photo: Haley BeMiller / USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

The clever person is a child safety attorney and on Friday, Baron's residents are encouraged to respect Jaymsa's privacy because he is recovering and rebuilding his life. He wrote a letter that he would read when he was ready to speak.

Comment: Jaime Closs drew the attention of the crowd. Why are these missing children?

Smart, you never have to ask the victim to ask the question "Why are not you?"

"They did what was right, for they were saved," he said.

Jamao Closey, together with Jennifer Smith and her dog, gathered again on Friday. Photographer Jayme Closs posted on Facebook's Healing for Facebook page. (Photo: Jennifer Smith)

Smart school guys who want to hear from the smart company, about 30 minutes, came to the gym. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald called this wonderful night.

"It was a very strong message," said Maria Crocodile on the Rice Lake. "Perhaps this was a public need."

Jaymen 's house now, Smart says, the community is right to live. It takes time for the family to look forward to James's parents, James and Denise, but all will be fine, he says.

Smart is also called a remarkable young woman who is on her way to Jame.

"Despite the horrors he suffered, he suffered and, despite the terrible things he left alone, he fled … he survived," said Smart.

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