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Elon Mask grew up in a Los Angeles tunnel, but was looking for someone else


Los Angeles (Reuters) – Billy's businessman Elon Mask has overturned a fast-paced travel plan for passengers on the western coast of Los Angeles, but with a similar offer in the city, he brings baseball fans to the Dodge Stadium.

FILE PHOTO: Elon Mask spoke at a meeting at Bel Air, Boring Company, Los Angeles, May 17, 2017, California, USA. REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson

The Boring company, called the underground transit of the company, has denied the development of a 2.7-kilometer (4.4 kilometer) tunnel in West La-Laa, a joint statement released Wednesday by a group of community protesters.

This step became known as the founder of the Tesla Inc, a high-tech baron electro-electrician, six months after Mask.TSLA.O) and General SpaceX space rocket launcher have called on their counterparts to submit their own tunnel project in Los Angeles.

Then Musaus LA hoping to make free walks through the tunnel under the Sepulveda Boulevard to reach public opinion before heading to a larger network to predict the metropolitan area.

But the opposition accused Musa of trying to abandon a long-term environmental expertise required for such projects and was a small demonstration of a large-scale concept that the company needed.

According to the company's representative, Jah Baladji, the court's decision is confidential and a lawyer, John Bergen, is a court order.

"The sides … kindly regulate this issue," a statement reads. "The boring company is no longer trying to develop the Sepulveda test tunnel and instead plans to build an operating tunnel at the Dodge stadium."

The so-called Dugut Cycle, an underground high-speed transit corridor between the Dodger stadium and the three existing underground stations across the Metro Red Line, have been posted on the company's website several months earlier.

The first publication of the project, at the end of August, the Department of Public Works was the first step towards a comprehensive Dugout Loop project.

He also said that the company will complete a separate, short-cut tunnel on Dec. 10, under the small neighborhood "Gavri", where Boring and SpaceX headquarters are located.

"Hawthorne is based on our experience in tunnel tunneling, and we are moving ahead with a large tunnel network under LA," Mesk wrote on Wednesday. "Suspension does not require a second test ton."

Boring Havernn Tunnel and its Dugout Loop serve as a groundbreaking conceptual platform for underground tube mitigation systems, called "skate" pedestrian vehicles up to 150 miles (240 km) per hour.

The Dodge Stadium tunnel is initially limited to about 1400 passengers per contract, with about 2.5 per cent capacity, but can eventually double the cabin crew. According to him, the tariffs will reach only $ 1.

In June, Chicago was selected to build a 17-mile underground transit system that links the city's central Hare International Airport. The company also introduced the East Coast Cycle, from the center of Washington to DC, to the outskirts of Maryland.

In aggressive adoption of massive large-scale technical problems with little experience, he started a public transit transit after complaining about LA traffic in Twitter at the end of 2016, and then "began to build a drilling machine. «

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