Thursday , August 18 2022

Fantasy Football 12 weeks. Em & St & # 39; Em: Run


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Details 12 weeks

Editor's note: Welcome to the 12th week! James Eisenberg's "Em & Sit" price estimate is different this season. You always carry out an in-depth analysis, always trying to convey to you early in the day. This column takes a lot of time to go and we usually give it to you in the evening. This year we will try to publish your position in the position that will be delivered to your hand as soon as possible. Jamie is back this week.

Do not worry: If you want classic Start & Emp; If you want Em & Em, we will announce all the states at the end of the day. Now, we are running here.

The forecasts were presented by CBS Sports and not Jamey Eisenberg. Scheduled points are for PPR leagues.



Bust Alert

Pittson scored twice for Houston during the 11th week, but he was missed by attacking statistics on Washington's attack line. In the last three games against Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Houston, Piterson has a total of 136 yards (3.1 meters for carriage) and only two points against Texas. Its length is 17 meters. Dallas is the 10th in the minimal attack on the fencing, and this year, just four out of six games, this year is just four backwards against Cowboys. Peterson is still a flexible option in many leagues, but be careful if you think you need to run it this week.

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