Tuesday , August 16 2022

Fernando LaFuente spoke after Ballybrack, he died


Fernando LaFuente explains how Ballibrak's death statement has been revealed.

Laine's Leafster LaFuente has announced that he has died in a car crash, which he had played before, but later transferred to Galway. It was an attempt to stop the game against Arklow Town.

"I knew something had happened," says Spanish, LaFuente, RTÉ Radio One, speaking to Sean O'Rourke today.

"I thought I had broken my feet.

"Yesterday I was at home, I finished my work, played video games, called my job, and I liked it." What happened? «

"They told me:" You are famous, "I said, why me? They started to send me these news.

"I knew that I was dead."

LaFuente has confirmed it has been removed from WhatsApp in recent days.

I knew something about it. They told me, "Oh, Fernando, if you've sent something on Twitter, you can tell that there was an accident." I thought it was the cause of "breaking your legs."

I had a good relationship with them. When they were there I was well received.

"When I heard news, I wrote them," continued LaFuente.

"They returned immediately about what was happening, and apologized to everyone.

"It's important for her, but I found her a little ridiculous, mostly not dead, and nobody was hurt."

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