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He wore a Confederate flag for voting and then placed it in the grave of a civil rights leader


For example, on Tuesday, when she left home to vote for the Mississippi Senate Square, she wore the Confederate flag and her red hole on her shoulder.

The traditional lesson has scanned some of them, but Bivins said that they knew it.

When Carlos Wilson saw him outside the Khatisburg polling station, he knew what had happened. Wilson, a pastor at Eunice's missionary Baptist Church, says that both know one another in political activity and in social justice.

"Claudia is very clear, very conscious woman … If I say something – I have to say, and if she is around, she will tell these people," she said.

"I immediately knew what was going on, but I always listened to his story, so I asked what kind of deal had been made today."


Bevins told CNN in an interview with her 7-year-old grandson, who has fulfilled his homework on the importance of voting on the day.

She has been brought home, "she says, referring to the past linching of her ancestors. Today, it has been a burden to racism.

"It will still measure me," said Bivins. "The flag represents racism, slavery, and suffering."

Bivins was part of the first integrated class in high school, he says. One of the lessons she shared with her granddaughter on Tuesday was that she would not let her go to school when she was still at her age.

After voting, Bivins got his grandson in the frequented space: The grave of Vernon Ducker, a civil rights activist killed by Ku Klux Klan, to organize voter registration in African Americans.

By the time of the election, Bivins often visited Dame's grave on election day. This year, he and his grandson laid the flag of the Confederation over the grave, put the olive branches on it and poured it on it.

According to Bivins, she placed the body of Vernon Ducker as a gesture of hope for the disappearance of racism.

According to him, the olive branches represent the champion, which refers to the treatment of Dachmar and oak.

"When I rebounded in the tomb of Vernon, I talked about what my granddaughter would do – hoping racism and hatred would be dead," says Bivins. "It was the root of our hearts, minds, and souls."

According to Bivins, this demonstration led to the beginning of this week's Mississippi story of racism and linguistics. Senator Cindy Heid-Smith was senator Cindy Heid-Smith, who said that he would "be in the next row" if he called "me to a public sitting."

His advocacy group called this statement "dignified statements", but the comment was supported by major donors such as Walmart and Google. According to CNN, Hyde Smith once valued the efforts of the Confederate Soldier to "defend the motherland" and encouraged a revisionist view of the Civil War.

On Tuesday night, CNN was defeated by Hayd-Smith over Mike Espy's opponent.

Bivins in an interview with CNN disagreed with President Donald Tram's decision to campaign for Hyde Smith. But the field trip on Tuesday was a link to the past, "he said, acquainting the martyr with the death toll in the fight.

"It was about teaching my granddaughter a part of history that is usually hidden or ignored," she says.

Some people may think that Bivin's demonstration would be "bad taste," says Wilson. "If you know Claudius and know the message he is trying to send, those who know him will be proud of him."

Who is Vernon Dahmer?

Among those who initially denied Bivins' behavior was Dacem's family.

Vernon Ducker was founder of the Haticeburg department of NAACP. In 1964, he joined the Student Intellectual Disability Coordination Committee (SNCC) to organize voter registration.

His mantra "can not be counted unless you vote."

The mob was welcomed by the threat of violence and the Dahmer family was threatened with death because they registered the Afro-Americans for voting.

Authorities say at least four mottos of cocktails have been stolen from home at the Vernon Duck's grocery store.

After working for two years to register voters, Dhammer announced that he would help pay taxes. The next day, Kyu Klux burned Clan Damer's farm and killed him.

Concern, concern, praise

Dennis Duck has walked along the motorway, telling her brother, Vernon John, about a woman who has a confederation in her grave.

"At first we did not know what was going on, especially in Mississippi, you see something like this, but you do not know what to think, but it is usually not good."

The day before the special election in Capitol, Mississippi, Noses were found
Brother Dammer was a cause for good luck with the brothers. The Mississippi City Department of Public Security is looking for suspects in Monday's Mississippi Capitol Square to arrest couples and couples such as "hanging boards to remind you that time has not changed".

But then Dennis Dahmer found out that Bivins was an African American activist and that he planned to remove the flag later.

Dennis Dahmer worried about his method even after knowing that he was intent on respecting his father. He does not know exactly what message he or she is about to delete.

He also liked the use of mazars for any activity that the loved ones loved.

"It brings us various bad memories that will never forget us, which will bring you back," said Duck.

Nevertheless, Dameer bowed to Bivin for his activity.

"We need only vocals in most people, and now they are looking at what's happening in America," said Duck.

"It's time to loudly say:" These things are not the best in America ".

Editing: The former version of this conversation tells the story of Bevins Deemer; he told Dachmar, not the guard. This event was corrected to show it.

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