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Incredible pneumatic nebulae – space worry in construction


The first Wolf-Rayet star system, Opep, opens in "Sep Charter".
Photo: ESO / Callingham et al.

This image of dust, gas-rich nebula is beautiful, but scenes can be fraudulent. Wolf-Raet is known as the star system, causing catastrophic gamma radiation when it moves to supernova. However, this is a strange thing about the original Wolf-Rayet system, but it is one of the first in our own galaxy. Build indelible music …

This Wolf-Rayet star system, officially known as 2XMM J160050.7-514245, is an exotic object called the "Apep" – the serpentine ancient Egyptian chaos of God, who recently researched this mysterious object. Joseph Chalingham, the author of a new astronomical research and astronomy at the Netherlands Astronomy Institute (ASTRON), said that "this is the first system found in our galaxy" – the details of this research have been published in the Natural Astronomy today to find an unexpected system in its "backyard".

In fact, astronomers have noticed Wolf-Rayet stars earlier, but only in other galaxies. These massive star systems have reached the limit of their death, at that time they make the type of supernova, which produces a very strong and narrow plasma flow – the explosion of terrible gamma rays.

Apep is a two-dimensional three-star system in the nucleus – a gamma-ray prediction system containing a binary couple and a single star and large spiral weapon consisting of gas and dust. The system is about 8000 light years away from the earth, taking into account the explosive potential.

"This was Joe's find, and in 2012, when we first worked as a bachelor in Sydney, it was a very interesting project that he could do some way, and we got six years to collect all the data from New York University's Cosmology and Particle Physics NASA Sagan's partner in the center and co-author of the new study, Benjamin Papa Gizmodo. "Sometimes science is slow. When I mentioned the shape of the Apple Spiral, which last year defended a doctoral dissertation in Oxford I remembered it was very shaky. In reality there is nothing.

Using an infrared camera at the very large telescope of the European Southern Observatory in the middle of VISIR in Callingham, their colleagues measured the dust speed in the spiral hands. In this final stage of the short life cycle (these systems only a hundred and a half thousand years old – cosmological eye blinking), stars in Wolf-Rayet systems are rapidly turning fast and moving at incredible speeds. These winds take up much of the star material in space, and they are responsible for the formation of fine dust particles. In the case of apple, its spiral weighs several light years.

By measuring this fog speed, researchers at least one of the three stars in the system turn very fast, which can cause long-term gamma-rays to explode if the explosion occurs during the supernova jump. The gas in the fog has reached 12 million km / h, but there are 570 million kilometers of dust per hour. In the opinion of the researchers, this discrepancy is closer to the important rotation approaching the star.

"The apple dustbag is much slower than the wind in the system," says Callingham. "If one of the massive stars turns fast, he will lose one another. That kind of rotation goes out of fuel and creates a gamma-radiation explosion because of the explosion of the supernova, it drops to the equator on the poles. "

The significance of this finding, Papa, did not notice the Wolf-Rayet systems, which are still fast in our galaxy. Moreover, many astronomers believed that these objects were not in the galaxy like ours; The bird's path is an old and rich metal-rich set of heavy stars that must quickly tear. The new result shows that our understanding of how massive stars died is still incomplete.

"The systems of stars of Wolf-Raet are long-term gamma rays, so if one of our galaxies is found, it's a great find," said Pop, Gizmodo. "Even if that is not the case, it's a really fun thing in the star system, and that's a good idea for us."

Gamma-radiation effects of the artist.
Photo: NASA / Dana Berry / Skyworks Digital

As noted above, gamma ray explosions are one of the most powerful explosions known to astronomers. Long-lasting gamma rays extending from two seconds up to several hours will release as much energy as the Sun is doing throughout its lifetime. Some scientists have suggested that the destruction of the Ordovician-Siluria – about 440 million years ago, has resulted in the mass deaths on the earth due to the gamma radiation in our galaxy. Adrian Melot, Kansas University physicist, suggests that "the GRB should be more or equal to billions of years as it approaches the danger."

It would be "very bad" if the pope departs soon, but he is not particularly concerned.

"Why can not we worry about anything? The best thing I can offer is whether it's going to be like Apep's gamma rays, and if it's nearby, it's hardly likely to be nearby. "

As another incentive point, gamma-rocket rockets produce high-grade, concentrated, high-energy rays in the right direction. Therefore, it may be a danger to Appel, not just a supernova, but it should also be mentioned in our general course.

However, we can not do anything more than just learning about Wolf-Rayet systems. It may also be useful to say that the ancient Egyptian desires can be useful for the salvation of Apaphs' destructive forces:

He was appalled with appetite, frightened by his feet, and made Aepp lightning, Ftake a knife, a knife, a knife …

[Nature Astronomy]
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